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psas and links

1. Several people have asked where the photo on my new banner came from - it's mine.

2. There is a wonderful discussion about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and all the guesswork that goes with reading it here. Lots of spoilers plus things you won't know unless you've completed it.

3. Three blogs I've been reading a lot of:

News from me
Pop Culture Gadabout
Hooray for Captain Spaulding

4. Quote of the day: If anyone has doubts about my manliness, let them send me their wives and they will become convinced of my prowess for themselves

5. Generation Darwin

Feel free to add. I could certainly use some funny, light links today.

Oh yea, and I think Command Post has run its course. We might find some way to keep it alive, but for the most part, it's on the way out.


very cool new banner! great colors.

The QoD is great too.

Just mothball untill the next major event happens (like the emergency response center in NYC)

Fools! It is obviously a blue inflatible flotation toy sitting in a pool of water.

Great picture, though!