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random thought of the day

I wonder why I'm so hard pressed to find any news about this in the big media or on news blogs.

You'd think that 22 school children being slaughtered would be spark some outrage or something.

It did in Beslan, no?


damn. just damn. Of course, no reporter (in his right mind) would choose to cover Kenya. No film, no news. Move along, back to the Rove story.

People in Europe and America only care about Africa for a few hours every decade when there are millionaire rock stars onstage talking about it (and flipping them off). Everyone throws some money that way, and goes on their merry way feeling really good about themselves, while the warlords steal the money, food and medicine to support their thug armies. The best thing for Africa would be for everyone to stop tossing them dollars, otherwise they'll never stand on their own feet.

Amen skillzy, amen.

Carin has it

Beslan had drama .. hostage taking, demands and a chance for Live.On.The.Spot.Eyewitness.Coverage™

Seven kids murdered in Iraq by a suicide bomber. They were gathered around Americans passing out candy.

The irony is that elsewhere in Iraq, they will dance and pass out candy at the news of the murder of infidels.

It's a mixture of the points above. No footage. It's Africa. And no obvious policy implications (no villains we can connect to a larger policy issue). Just a nasty one-off thing.

Even so, an atrocity of this magnitude deserves not to go down the memory hole quite so rapidly.

Basically I think it's what everyone else said here.

I bet a big part of it is there isn't any way to 'spool' the story out with ad naseum updates (like the Search For Natalie Holloway or the Beslan murders or Chandra Levy (remember her?) or stuff like that). It's become apparent to me that the news channels (Fox News is a particular offender in this instance) loo-oooo-oooove stories they can draw out, keep people on tenterhooks about, get people addicted to so they need their daily "fix" of "what's happening now?"

This story was over before it started: Bad people killed a bunch of kids. End of story. No drama. No way to make it suspenseful.

I think it's also possibly a brown people vs. white people thing.

I mean, look at the ENDLESS press spent on Natalie Holloway - one individual person - a pretty, white, blonde, young, rich girl who got lost in Aruba. (I know it's a tragedy for her family, but I will cynically say I suspect she may have done something VERY STUPID like getting into a car with a group of strange men that led to her disappearence). What about all the black kids that have gone missing? What about the Hispanic kids? You get maybe an Amber Alert but then never hear anything more.

(Frankly, what I'd really like to see? This Holloway girl pop up somewhere out of hiding and go "ha, ha, look at how much we had you going!")

The Cervantes kids...Mom had an order of protection against her husband and had moved in with her parents. I'd say it was planned considering that the guy had cleaned out his house the day before the murders and kidnapping.

Way too much time on (older) white girls missing and/or running away. Then there is the whole Jacko deal...

Australian news site, yet nothing on Aussie TV at all....