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I bounty hunt for Jabba Hutt to finance my 'Vette.*



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Too cool. I'm Boba Fett, too. "Nerf-herder." Man, that's classic.

Excellent. I'm Yoda.

I got Darth Vader! Was kinda hoping I'd be Han Solo, but Vader will do nicely! :)

Oh hell, I was too short to be Darth Vader, so I got Anakin.

I call shenanigans!! Yeah, right, Michele just "happens" to be her favorite character?! I figure their are three potential scenarios:

1) Michele played the quiz multiple times to get this outcome (I would have loved to see her reaction if she ended up as Guido or worse, Jar-Jar)

2) This personality quiz is very perceptive... Yeah, right!

3) The designers of the quiz used Michele as the prototype personality for the Boba Fete character. (Hmmm... this has posibilities)

I came out as R2-D2 -- I'm still working on how I feel about that, Doc...

Hahahahah! I'm Han Solo. Pretty close. Actually, I'm Chewbacca's Younger (Shorter) Cousin. Yeah, that's a reference to a Star Wars post.

I'm Solo, and I like it. Grew up a Luke fan, too--go figure.

What a great site! Thanks for pointing it out to us. Qui Gon Jinn, here. (and Dr. Strange among Marvel superheroes)

I came up R2D2. I'm not sure I'm happy about that.

I took it a bunch of times and even though I was hoping to come out Han Solo, I was either Qui-Gon Jinn or Bobba Fett every time. Hmmm.

Vader. And I didn't even have to try very hard. :)

I am Darth Sidious, but you can call me Master.