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Friday Five: mish mash of memories

[Note: downloads have expired]

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man (download)

[29 on the list]

My son has developed an obsession with VH. Having inherited his mother's impeccable taste, he only listens to DLR era VH and is fond of saying "If it's not David Lee Roth, it's crap!"

The constant sound of my son practicing his Eddie Van Halen guitar solos has made me recall my love/hate relationship with DLR. He was a buffoon. A clown. A side show freak in the circus of rock and roll. But he was a whole lot of fun, wasn't he? If rock and roll were movies, Ice Cream Man would be Karate Kid. Do you have any idea what I mean by that?

Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere (download)

[#325 on the list]

Sometimes in my rush to distance myself from this band and its recent efforts, I forget how much I really liked Follow the Leader. It came out at a time when I was going through some things that made me just a little bit angry (ok, a lot) and the head banging that ensued with FTL was a great way to blow off some negative adrenaline - especially at their shows. Say what you want about this band, they know how to bring it live. Plus, I like remembering that adrenaline and the feeling that I could kill a small army with my bare hands, one at a time, if I had to.

Misfits - Attitude
This showed up on the iPod today and I got this weird flashback of some Danzig inspired dream I had about eight years ago. No, I'm not going to bore you with the details.

Have I mentioned how much I adore Glen Danzig? He gets no respect. None.

Monster Magnet - Space Lord (download)

I really like this song. I sing it often, as it's on quite a few mix cds I've made over the years. But did I ever really think about it? Apparently not. Because if I did, I might have been more careful about loudly singing these lyrics: Been stuffed in your pocket for the last hundred days/When I don't get my bath I take it out on the slaves/So grease up your baby for a ball on the hill/Polish them rockets now and swallow those pills I honestly have no idea what I've been singing all these years. Grease up your baby for a ball on the hill. I hope I didn't sing that in mixed company.

Sarah Mclachlan - Possession (download)

[#64 on the list]

You know that tune that holds so many intense memories for you that the first note of the song can put you back in that place as if it just happened, as if that time was now, and hearing it makes you feel like someone is ripping your insides out and you don't know whether to burst into gut wrenching tears or just force a bittersweet smile and try to be happy that you have those memories at all and you wonder why the hell you make yourself listen to this every once in a while when you know you will now spend the rest of the evening wallowing in whatever remnants of self pity are still kicking around inside your heart? Yea, that one.


There's something...satisfying about putting on that Misfits tune and pulling up that dancing chicken a couple of posts back.

You're sooooo right about VH, Michele. I'm sure that a lot of people went through the same progression that I did with regard to that:

1. Man, this band kicks ass.

2. That Dave guy is kind of a clown, though.

3. This new version is pretty good. I've always like Sammy. Liked Montrose, liked his solo stuff.

4. (A couple of albums later) There's something missing.

5. Oh my fucking god, it's DAVE!!!!

I looooove old Korn!

Craig - you totally nailed it.

Carol - damn, I was going to put up some Rammstein for you and forgot. Next week!

Darn, the monster magnet link isn't working, and that's the one I wanted. Great song, though.

Wait til DJ starts playing: Hot for Teacher!

Craig: Perfect.

I'll also throw in that I enjoy DLR's "Crazy From The Heat" now and again too.

Monster Magnet is the only band to get a song about Galactus, and a song about Modok that contains a Jack Kirby reference all on the same album. Fucking genius is what it is.

(And really, isn't the "grease up your baby" line redeemed by "I ate all the rest and now I'm gonna eat you."

Wait. Don't answer that.)

Possession - I have the same relationship with this song that you do--or at least something similar. I bought Fumbling Toward Ecstasy after a date that I thought had been going well ended with her telling me: "you're more interesting than you look." I listened to that album for pretty much the next four months straight.

Can't wait for the Rammstein! Korn surprised me, I don't think I know that song??

The Monster Magnet/Powertrip CD has the BEST 3-song heavy metal segment in recorded history.
Taken as individual songs, Powertrip, Space Lord, and Temple of Your Dreams are damn good songs, but one after the other after the other rips my freaking face off and stomps on my eyelids.
This CD makes me want to drive my car at 150 mph and slam it into a tractor trailer hauling gasoline, just to see the pretty explosion. I am immortal and invincible when I listen to this CD, and that's why it's one of my all-time favorites.
My estimation of you just went WAY up, now that I know that you like this song. And "Grease up your baby for a ball on the hill" means just what you think it does - you and your SO are invited to the ball, and you better come ready to party. You better polish them rockets and swallow those pills, cause Space Lord plays for keeps.

For people who aren't that familiar with Davd Lee Roth, check out "Skyscraper." Lots of good stuff, and Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan are monsters.

Just great. Coming home from my local rock place and finding these links!

Yes, they played Rammstein. Du hasst mich. It can't be translated.