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RIP, Optimus Prime

Even if you didn't see the Robot Chicken episode where Optimus Prime dies, it's still kind of amusing that National Prostate Cancer Coalition saw fit to eulogize him.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pop culture fans are mourning the death of Optimus Prime today as the famous Transformer passed away last night from prostate cancer on the new Cartoon Network Show, “Robot Chicken.”

“When it comes to prostate cancer, there’s more than meets the eye,” National Prostate Cancer Coalition CEO Richard N. Atkins, M.D. said. “Often times when one has symptoms for prostate cancer it’s already in its late stages, that’s why early detection is so important.”

The scene from Robot Chicken, a new show created by Seth Green, showed Optimus Prime with incontinence (or urination) problems followed by a trip to the doctor and then death.

“Being a Tractor Truck, Optimus should have known the importance of check-ups – oil, anti-freeze, spark plugs – the works,” said Atkins. “It comes as such a surprise – my kids loved that guy.”

Best. News item. Ever.

Peace be with you, OP. You were a giant among robots. And now, perhaps you're death will not be in vain.

Get your special area checked, guys. Do it for Optimus.

[After a viewing of the Transformers movie tonight, I'll pour a 40 of motor oil on the ground for Optimus]


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I usually like a nice testicular cancer check in the morning shower (quite often followed by a happy ending).

Thank God I'm young. Hopefully by the time I need a prostate exam they'll have figured out a less intrusive way of going about it. Because when faced with the choice between possible death and a sure enema/finger in the ass, I'd have to take the possible death.

This piece kills me. Thanks for pointing it out, Michele. Pouring some off for your dead metallic homies is a classic sendoff.

Eh, I'm not too concerned... Optimus Prime has a habit of not staying dead.

When you pour that motor oil on the ground make sure it's used oil. The EPA says it's good for your lawn.

When did it become not only okay but preferable for a doctor to stick his finger there? How exactly did we get to that point?

I mean I understand it intellectually because my Dad was a prostate and colon cancer survivor so...I probably am more AWARE of my own butt than most men...in a, "Everything okay down there?" kind of way.

Like Richard, I'm sure most men are squicked by the thought of having a doctor stick his finger in their pooper. However, I think it would be more worrisome to men who have learned that stimulation of the prostate can sometimes lead to better sex (in some men). It's embarrassing enough to stand there with your pants around your ankles and your doctor's finger in your pooper while he discusses the latest sporting event and you worry whether you've done enough cleaning back there. Getting a woodrow at the same time would probably be even more mortifying. (Not for the doctor; s/he -- but probably he -- understands better than anyone what could possibly happen. But for the patient. I mean, an unexpected woodrow that gets noticed by someone else who you desperately didn't want it to get noticed by is a serious blush inducer.)

I really shouldn't make fun of this topic; my grandfather is also a prostate cancer survivor. But it's just so much fun to say the word "pooper", isn't it?

So this makes how many times OP has died? Once in the movie. At least once more on the tv show after that...

Being only 49 years old and being told you have prostate cancer is one of the worst days i can remember. the finger in nothing compaired to watching your father and uncle die a horrible death because of prostate cancer consuming there hole body. so we make fun of going to the doctors and having to bend over and hope you don't feel two hands on your back while you think theres a finger in your "pooper". but i'd live thrue that finger and all the other stuff that goes with it and know i'm cancer free than sit and worry.