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can one of you big, strong men open this jar of whoop ass for me?

Kevin Drum has once again drummed up (bet he never heard that one before) the "where are all the women bloggers and why would you read them if you found them anyhow" debate.

Meryl takes him on. So does Ilyka. So do a whole host of bloggers.

Don't forget, it's Estrogen Week. Us girlie girls will just sit around and giggle and watch soap operas while you manly men tend to the business of blogging the big, important stuff that we're too delicate/stupid/unaware to deal with.

There's a war on? Oh my, I'm getting the vapors!

[This has been a fainting flower pundit post]


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Color yourself my official right of center hero.

Seems like Kevin has touched a nerve.

He just can't keep his fingers to himself.

Kevin Drum is all about shock value. It's the only way he can keep his gig - making baseless statements that are easily debunked and laughed out of consideration, but only after he's gotten his weekly paycheck.

Drum's opinion is his own and backed up by his anecdotal evidence. But the real reason the op/ed pages are estrogen-poor is that those jobs are generally the kind of things that follow long newspaper careers. Women haven't always been all over newsrooms, so they weren't promoted and promoted until they became columnists--unless the columns concerned family and advice (you know, stuff like that chick Lileks is always prattling on about). Women dominated the Accent/Living/Estrogen/Lifestyles/(Whatever it's called in your paper) section. That's changing, but not at all levels of the newspaper business simultaneously.

"Fainting flower pundit." Effing hilarious, made me laugh out loud.

Rock on.

Oh, brother. We fragile flowers of womanhood need to be protected, don't we? The blogosphere is far more vitriolic, so it turns off women? Oh, the shame. I think I'm going to faint.


Imperial Keeper

I blame Maureen Dowd. I'm still not convinced that she's not a front for someone writing a satire of female stereotypes. As I've said before, if Maureen Dowd had had a column during World War I, the 19th Amendment would never have passed. It's like if the nation's biggest newspaper's only male op-ed columnist was Andrew Dice Clay.

I dunno... I keep trying to have a blog but life keeps preventing me from having the time.

Too busy working/cleaning/playing with the little one.

Maybe women are just busier. :D

You know, if war was the only thing worth talking about there wouldn't be anything worth fighting for.

You're the best

I'm more interested in the quality of the writing and the supportedness (is that a word?) of the opinion than I am of the type of genetalia possessed by the writer.

Guess I'm wierd like that.

Ditto, I read blogs that interest me. I don't check the plumbing before hand.

Unless Jeff Goldstein makes me.