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shoe the children, with no shoes on their feet

[click for bigger image] Sgt. Hook needs you. Go. Other links in my link jar: Simon is going to donate money to charity if people read his blog. At least I think that's what he's saying. Update: Simon is hinting that the proceeds of his readership/charity drive will be Operation ShoeFly. So go visit Simon. [That's not to say that the only reason to visit Simon is because of charity - he really does have an enjoyabel blog] The Carnival of the Vanities stops in Midland, Texas this week. Displaced weblogs.com bloggers may want to read this, this and this - there are a lot of people out there trying to help the newly homeless blogs. Update: Congratulations to Daniel Henninger. A award well deserved. Even if he does resemble Alec Baldwin in that drawing.


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» Simon Says from Sgt Hook
In an effort to increase his readership, Simon of the famed Simon Blog is offering to pay for it. That's right, for every visitor he gets over a two week period that began on June 9th, he'll pay .25 cents to a worthy charity. Let's help him out and let... [Read More]

» Enemablog from Simon World
It is time again to look at the week that was around the blog-o-planet. My desperate bid for traffic finally hit pay-dirt this week. Firstly a link from Michele, then from Sgt. Hook of Operation Shoe Fly has seen the Sitemeter spinning off the charts. ... [Read More]

» Shoe Fly from Simon World
It is time to bring it to a close. The Charity Readership drive has been very successful and will result in a sizable donation* to Sgt Hook's Operation Shoe Fly - an extremely worthy cause. The increased readership is very gratifying. Who knows, some o... [Read More]

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To be healthy Lose Weight Fast And Healthy [Read More]


That's exactly what I'm saying. It's the blogosphere's equivalent of "will work for food". And I have a feeling Operation Shoe Fly could be the lucky winner...

Thank you Michele.

Yeah, go check out Simon, worth twice as much at half the price.

Yeah, I got mad math skilz, what about it?

Regarding the update: Yes, Daniel Henninger may look like Alec Baldwin, but he is much smarter. In fact, it is probably fair to say that Daniel Henninger is as smart as Alec Baldwin is stupid.

Well, Alec Baldwin 15 years ago.

Send it to shoe fly now!

Send it to shoe fly now!