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right, frog.

Here's the deal. I cannot give up blogging entirely, as if that wasn't obvious to everyone from the very start. But....and it's a BIG but (not unlike my own)...it will be a different ASV. There will be no political rants. There will be no leftie bashing. There will be no warmongering. There will be no talk of the election, the war, Israel, anti-war demonstrations, Michael Moore, Iraq, Iran, immigration issues, political correctness run amok, nor will there be any pointing at other bloggers who do talk about those things in a way that runs opposite to my feelings on the subject. That part of ASV is over. It just has to be that way. It was not an enjoyable experience to write about those things. The last thing in the world I need right now is more negative adrenaline. Should I have the need to express an opinion on any of those matters, it will be done in a professional manner on the Command Post OpEd page. I will talk about the troops. However, it will be in the context of various causes from around the blogosphere that support our soldiers. As I promised/threatened, ASV is now a pop culture blog and will occasionally dip into the personal, as I always have. I am setting up an ASV forum that will be a home to all the quizzes and contests I am so fond of, as well as a place to just hang out and talk shit about each other, which we seem to be fond of as well (and I'm looking at you Red Sox fans when I say that). The pace of the writing here will not be as frenetic as usual, I assume, until I have finished moving and settling into the new house. When you've been blogging for three years, and not just at one blog, it's hard to walk by a keyboard or hear a good story without getting itchy trigger fingers and needing to hit the blog. Yes, I am an addict. I would love to the results of a study done to determine the percentage of bloggers with addictive personalities. How did I make this decision so quickly? Easy. By reading through all the comments and emails and realizing that I enjoyed the doing the fluff blogging as much as people enjoyed reading it. This has obviously been a rough time in my life. I think that subtracting the negativity from this place and adding to the things that make me smile when I write about them can only be good for me. I need good. I need this distraction. I'm still "detoxing" as the doctor calls it (and how the hell long does this go on for, anyhow?) and any moments spent writing about things that make me laugh and smile or make other people laugh and smile is time well spent. It distracts from the constant zaps, the flu-like symptoms and the fact that I got a sunburn today, but it's only on my forehead so it looks like someone slapped some red paint on the upper half of my face. So, to recap. ASV lives, but ASV as you know it dies. Welcome to the kindler, gentler blog. I hope you like it. If you don't, oh well. I'm currently here to please me, not you. (See? I paid attention to your emails) To everyone who left song lyrics for me in this morning's post: that just rocks. I sincerely hope that I am the only blogger that can claim her readers serenade her with lyrics. And they were all really, really nice. How the hell could I leave you guys? You're all my best friends. Ok, that was really corny. But those mood swings come and go, and this one has "I love everyone" written all over it. Special kisses to Faith, Andy, Windy, Solly, Stacy, Todd, Lair, Meryl, Treacher, Allah, Dawn, Mel, Billy Gibble (that name still makes me giggle), Choire, Clyde, Lileks, Melly, Dave (Got your snail mail, will write later), Brian and Tanya. Welcome to the kinder, gentler ASV. Tonight's MP3 below
Tonight's song is my song for the week. Sing it with passion. It feels good. I'll have another song in a minute - one of those long distance dedictations. Incubus - Make Yourself mp3 If I hadn't made me I would've been made somehow If I hadn't assembled myself I'd have fallen apart by now If I hadn't made me I'd be more inclined to bow Powers that be would have swallowed me up But that's more than I can allow If you let them make you They'll make you papier-mache At a distance you're strong Until the wind comes Then you crumble and blow away If you let them fuck you There will be no foreplay But rest assured They'll screw you complete Til' your ass is blue and grey You should make amends with you If only for better health But if you really want to live Why not try and Make Yourself? If I hadn't made me I'dve fallen apart by now I won't let em' make me It's more than I can allow So when I make me I won't be papier-mache And if I fuck me I'll fuck me in my own way You should make amends with you If only for better health But if you really want to live Why not try and Make Yourself?


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I couldn't be happier for you and for ASV!

You know what? That sounds great to me.

Maybe I'll actually make some friends here now! LOL

Good for you!

Big smile.

In the meantime, I have to go back and see what horrible things have been said about me since my last visit. ;)



Heh, I just finish reading through an assload of comments to figure out whats going on and when I get back.....POOF! You're back!
ASV is one of my favorite places to go on the web, I'll stay here no matter what changes you make

{quote}(and I'm looking at you Red Sox fans when I say that,{quote}

Who me?? ;)

Welcome back - not that I ever really believed you were leaving in the first place. Pop culture is good.

Well, I see you saw my draft rant ready to kick your ass.
Keep in mind we're ALL egomaniacs or we wouldn't be "here". Live and let blog, it's supposed to be fun. Even IF one enJOYs spreading the JOY of T&A. The only one's who care are the ones who care. If not,WHO CARES!
Other than that, SFW.
Now worry about YOU, ok?
If everyone's blogs were the same it would be like reading your own shopping list over and over.
Let's have some fun.

Bwahahahaha! At last, my plot has succeeded! I am the last of the Interblog Beeyatches! I am the Queen of Spleen! I reign supreme!

Hey, where'd everybody go?

There will be no talk of the election, the war,Israel, anti-war demonstrations, Michael Moore,Iraq, Iran, immigration issues, politicalcorrectness run amok, nor will there be anypointing at other bloggers who do talk aboutthose things in a way that runs opposite to my

But where, oh where, will I go when I need a fix of Ted Rall bashing? Oh, well, to thine own self be true! I'll keep you on my RSS feed for the months to come because the musical commentary is just too fun to ignore.

I still can't figure out how people who beat up on MoDo can fall all overthemselves for Wonkette. To me, they're cut from the same 9/10/2001 fabric of ironic cattiness.

I'm sorry you're giving up the political stuff, Michele. That's really what brought me here. I respect your decision - you have to do what's right for you, but I admit that the appeal of ASV to me will be diminished.

"This has obviously been a rough time in my life. " Reminds me of the Yankees.

Bean, you're just asking for a beatdown, man.

So happy for you Michele.
Somehow I knew you wouldn't stop blogging. I'm glad you found a middle ground where you'll still be doing what you love without upsetting your mental well-being.
Much love!

That's great news, Michele.
Only problem is, by the end of the summer Yanks vs. Red Sox may surpass loony left vs. reactionary right on the hostility quotient. ;-)

I totally understand the need to seperate the two, the political and the "personal" so to speak. I say ASV will do well discussing pop culture. And let's face it, pop culture affects us more often and on a more personal level than politics! We're fat, lazy American consumers. And good for us. :)

Absolut Mwah.

Glad you're sticking around!

Sounds like a great plan. I'd actually taken a hiatus from this site myself, 'cause it seemed like it was turning much more bitter and contentious content-wise, and I firmly believe that nobody has a right to complain about blog/journal content -- if you don't feel like reading it, don't, so I didn't. It sounds like the new ASV is going to be much more enjoyable, though, much like a lot of the old stuff, and so I'm glad I picked now to pop in here again.

No more political rants? (..) I'll be good.

[(..) is my looking down, sheepish smiley]

maybe (.)(.)
works better


Thank You, you made my day.

Wheeee! Let the Calvinball resume!

It takes a while to "detox" from almost any psychoactive medication; I've heard various explanations, some contradictory, and it depends on a couple of things. Usually most withdrawal effects are gone in 30 days, in a fairly steady decline (the zaps, for instance, are probably either diminished or gone), but there are "rebound" effects that can keep up for a couple of months :( in rare cases (headaches, drowsiness, grumpy temper kinds of things.) I am not a doctor, just an observent patient who's had too many of these kinds of drugs.

ASV is dead. Long live ASV!

Wheeee! Let the Calvinball resume!

If I were Michele I'd be blushing after a compliment like that.

Is there a Calvinball blog? That's the name I want if I start one!

Michele, I always enjoyed the political stuff even when I didn't agree with you (which was a lot). But as someone who's been around since before you took that turn, I'm perfectly happy for a return to the "fluffy stuff." We just like you, dammit!

Cute fluffy bunnies from now on, huh? We can handle it.

Next thing we know you'll take up dog-blogging. ;)


Someone said if you blogged the phonebook, they'd read it... and that's probably true. Your style shines no matter what you write.

Besides, in reality, maybe we all read a little too much of the political stuff...

ASV: A look at pop culture in a world gone insane... or something like that...

Works for me.

Good news
Hey Michele, where you going with that blog in your hand.
Apologies to Hendrix fans

Sounds good to me...just dont be TOO gentle!

Good luck with the move.

cool. Glad to see you back, Michele.

and a pop-culture focus is great.

if you keep writing, I'll keep reading.

seriously, someone should pay you to write.

I'm just glad you're back. In whatever way you want to do this!

glad you're back :)

Incubus - Make Yourself

...fuckin' choice.

Bravo, michelle.

Very rarely have I been this happy to see the [ ] (recently updated marker) around a link on my blogroll!

Joshua Scholar - looks more like boobs. Keep trying

Does this mean you're keeping Bill and I don't have to have him in my comments?

Horrah! That makes me a very happy camper this morning.

I know how you feel. The struggle against the Forces of Doltishness is never-ending, and there's never an end of material.

For myself, I'd like to have an insight into pop culture - I have no clue there.


Bob Tarantino has simply outdone himself in the dumbassery department today.

"You better listen up? Howzabout you listen up, and realize that after partnering up with Saddam's fascist dictatorship to line their own pockets, the UN doesn't deserve to have another shot at ruining the lives of Iraqis."

What can I say. Even while the situation in Iraq disintigrates and the body count rises to the level of the initial invasion and colonization, this rube finds it in himself to trash the UN (which doesn't colonize to steal oil for rich Reich Whing rubes) with a pack of blatent lies. At least most of the other Reich Whingers are sheepishly looking at their shoelaces while Iraq descends into chaos, but not this rube. He's gone into overdrive flinging crap at anyone and everyone he can find to pin the blame on for this yet another Reich Whing astounding Bush failure.


Alright, Robert. I've had more than enough patience with you. It's not that I don't mind hearing the "other side" of things, but you just repeat the same shit over and over again, and on posts that having nothing to do with your comments.

In short, you are a prick and you are gone.

Consider your ass hit by the door on your way out.

LT: Hmm, boobs is good!

Geez..Robert gives trolls a bad name. "Prick" is too gentle of a term.

BTW Michelle....I'm thrilled that you will continue writing! Write for yourself, and thats plenty good enough for all the rest of us.

One small victory for democrats, one giant leap for mankind.

I think Robert's been thrown off a great many blogs, since he writes a random comment and posts it everwhere. This is the fourth or fifth place I've seen this one particular, um, nugget.

And good luck Michelle!

I think Robert is about 12 years old.

Anyway, I remember once Andrew Sullivan was writing about some great professor of his in grad school. The professor asked him what he was going to do after he got his doctorate and he said that he was probably going to become a journalist. The professor couldn't believe it. He said that he'd always thought that needing to follow the news every day was a sort of nervous disorder.

Imagine what he'd think about blogging.

And Glenn Reynolds was just talking about how people who follow the news every day are less happy/more stressed. And Lileks was just talking about taking a month off from hardcore news following. There's a lot of this going around. I only update 2 or 3 times a week and I find political blogging headache inducing/maddening/stressful/upsetting/addictive/exhilirating/stimulating/horrible, and fun. Doing it with the diligence you were doing it would probably amplify the bad points and lessen the good. Also, following the extremists on both sides and all the inter-blog fights is something I now try to stay away from. It's just so upsetting somehow. This was a great decision. You'll feel worlds better if you get away from this for awhile I'm sure. You performed a great service by doing this as much and as long as you did. I admire you and your blogging and wish you luck and happiness.

Oh, and like everyone's saying, fuck all trolls of all political persuasions on all sites. They're malicious twits who ruin everything for everyone.

Your taste in music fascinates me so (in a good way, I'm a big Incubus fan myself).

I'm so glad you're not stopping your blogging.