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The word of the day is: dhimmitude

Dhimmitude: the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system The terrorists got what they wanted. They won. And now the U.S. will have one less ally. One less country to count on the war against terrorism. They'll pull out of Iraq and it won't be long before they pull out of fighting the terrorists all together. Appeasement is the new black. Welcome to the new age of al-Qaid and radical Islam on the whole, built on the deaths of 200 people. They've been emboldened by the Spanish left. They've been told that terrorism works, terrorism gets results. Lest you think I'm projecting, read Roger Simon and his email from a Spaniard. Read John, blogging from Spain: bq. What happened? It's clear: the people of Spain are not willing to risk standing up to domestic or international terrorism and would prefer to appease the terrorists in hopes that they will be left alone in the future. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will be the next Prime Minister, and one of the first things he will do is pull Spain out of the Coalition. Spain will join the Paris-Berlin axis. I assume Spanish troops will soon be leaving Iraq. And lest you think this is not a WORLD war, think again. And again. Allah's usual hyperbole is, unfortunately, not so hyperbolic today. In fact, he's spot on. It's the dawn of the dead. Stock up on duct tape. [More - lots more - on this tomorrow]


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Yep. Al Qaeda's next target will probably be Poland, Czech or Italy. Why bother the big boy when you can knock his ally off one by one.

Damn democracy at work. To think the majority spoke and elected who they want to be there next leaders.

If it was a 51 to 49 percent win that would be one thing. If its overwhelming then thats another.

I'm too depressed to even write anything about this. Maybe I'll be able to muster something tomorrow. I can't believe they just rolled over like that.

Michele, from the article you linked, it is clear that the Spanish people voted Aznar out largely for supporting the war in Iraq, which they overwhelmingly opposed, and for trying to blame the Basques for the bombing, when they said they didn't do it and al Qaeda said they did.

The terrorists didn't win here, this new President's first statements have to do with fighting terrorism. The people of Spain have spoken their mind, to accuse them of being cowards is just silly. To say they're "appeasing" the terrorists is ridiculous, they have opposed this war since before it started, and this was their chance to get rid of the guy who went against their will.

If we want to play the blame-game, we should say that George Bush's amateurish diplomacy has just moved Spain closer to socialism.

Ah, so it's all Bush's fault. I say it again: the godlike powers of the man! I don't dare not vote for him -- he might strike me down with lightning, or make me read a blog by somebody named Passthegas, or something equally dreadful. ::shiver::

The thing is, Gassy, before the bombings the PP looked as if it were on its way to a handy win. Well, those sorts of predictions have been wrong before, so who can tell.

It's kind of amusing...when the Spanish government originall assigned blame for the bombings to the ETA (which was, you know, not unreasonable, since they'd tried to pull off a similar attack on Christmas Eve), many bloggers huffed and puffed about the evils of multiculturalism---clearly the government was trying its best to avoid naming the real enemy.

Huh, and here the electorate has rejected them for doing that very thing, which here in the US would be considered an act of commendable (or deplorable, depending on your POV) restraint.

The other day I wanted to write, but did not have time, that Latuff must have been kept up all night agonizing over whether to blame ETA for the bombings (and thus suggest Aznar was overjoyed at this boost to his popularity), or Al Qaeda (and thus be able to suggest that Spain had it coming for supporting the US in Iraq, which by the way had no connection with Al Qaeda). I'll bet he's really bummed today that he didn't pick the Al Qaeda cartoon.

Dell and PTG,

I'd agree with you had not the exit polls explicitly show that the bombings DID influence many voters (at least enough to swing the election) to the Socialists. Whether it made a difference or not, trust me, the terrorists DO think it did.

Here's the bad thing, if the PSOE had a 5 point lead in the polls and then lost by 5 points, I would admit, happily, that the terrorist's attempt to the change the election had backfired and done the opposite of what they intended.

For those one the opposite side, how can you admit anything but the obvious? The terrorists definately won this battle, to claim anything else is being disingenuous.

I understand your sentiments, but do you really want to be on the side of the terrorists?....

Won't it be disgusting to find out that the whole thing was ETA planned, purposely setting up AQ because they knew they could manipulate the public debate in the very short term?

Yes, what matters here is what the terrorists believe they accomplished. And they are only going to see this as a successful effort to change the outcome of an election.

So, who's next? What other country has an election coming up, that might be swayed by a few well-placed explosives? The Spanish electorate just made the world a more dangerous place. Gracias! Mucho gracias!


What a horrible precedent. The pro-War On Terror party leads the polls going in, the nation gets bombed and they return the favor by voting in the appeasers…yuuuk! Well this makes this former liberal, though now evil neo-con leaning Jew, sick!

Kind of makes me wonder what will happen if Bush goes back up in the polls. Man better bomb them, Kerry is down! That’s right elect Kerry or I strike!

On the other hand if the result of such a strike was Bush winning with 60% of the vote and then going into Syria or something of that order, or even better going into Syria and then winning 60% of the vote, we show the world we are "different" , scare quotes included.

I sure hope that is not wishful thinking. If so then get the duct tape indeed. I live inside the beltway Washington D.C. ( 3-4 miles from the Capital ) , in range for sure.

Michele, also I'd like to express appreciation for your taking the time and effort to blog these things.

Just show me the way to the gas chamber now and save me the worry of anticipating it. This is majorly depressing.

Let's please knock it off with the bullshit about Aznar supposedly having misled people re: Al Qaeda's responsibility for the attack.

In the first hours after it happened, he--and many, many others--naturally assumed it was ETA because ETA has a history of terrorism in that country. But once they found the van with the Koran and detonators in it, they didn't try to suppress the evidence or even to hold it back for a day while the country mourned. On the contrary, as this report from the day of the attack makes clear, the Interior Minister wasted no time in calling a press conference to incriminate Al Qaeda. Thus were he and Aznar perfectly forthcoming about it.

I'll bet there are more than a few Spaniards sitting at home right now trying to convince themselves that it was Aznar's "deception," not their own terror at the prospect of more train bombings, that led them to vote socialist today. Keep telling yourself that, amigo. Maybe it'll take.

Now that the Islamofascists have learned that terrorism works, and if you kill enough innocents, you can pick the leader of any country in the world, I fully expect this Halloween weekend to see a major terrorist attack on an American city. Lovely. And Kyoto and Adelaide and Naples aren't exempt either.

A while back, I was indecisive in whom I should vote for. Not anymore.

Osama: I sure hope Spain is worth it, 'cuz you just killed your chance to get Bush out of office. Die.

Michele I'm relieved that you posted this.

I have to be busy cleaning today, but today I wish I had my own blog to write on, I'm so angry about Spain.

And it's happening here too. Al Qu'eda is about to have another victory. Just like Spain, this is our first presidential election since the world trade center, and Spain has opened my eyes. I now understand the Democratic Underground and the Deany Babies. They're the cowardly Spanish, and the lesson for Al Qauda will be "Blow up the twin towers - Elect John Kerry."


Having said what I said earlier, I agree 100%

Well, Sam, about the possiblility of "Bombing for Kerry" - it wouldn't work, and I suspect that AQ knows it wouldn't work.

One difference between Spain and the US is that from the Spanish point of view, the war in Iraq was for other people they care nothing about, Americans and Iraqis - the Spanish public figures they have no dog in this race.

While from AQ's point of view all infidels are equally targets and killing us proves their worthiness to Allah, that hasn't sunk in for Spain.

Anyway if they bomb us again the American public will be outraged, because it IS about us and we know it. Bombing us would backfire and AQ probably senses, after Afganistan and Iraq, that they're not ready to take the US on. There's a world full of soft targets and soft countries to attack first. Probably they'll come back when they have nukes.

One worrisome fact is that the Al Qa'eda's message to Spain was completely out of character (read the analysis at memri.org). Either it was written by someone who really isn't AQ or (much more worrisome) AQ is learning to lie about their objectives and play to the western public - to play our politics. That's a disaster.

By the way, the only reason I credit AQ with having any political savvy at all is from reading what's his face's letter from Iraq (that intersepted CD).

Osama is a political ignoramus. I remember Robert Fisk's interview with OBL some years ago. Osama was saying that perhaps the states of the US would quit the Union out of protest of Washington's policy of supporting Israel. He was that out of touch with reality. But they're not all so stupid, unfortunately.

I saw this in an LGF comment but have not been able to find a direct news link. But it bears watching:

"On BBC, unlike CNN which isnt focusing too much on Spain.......they are now showing large crowds gathering on the streets very very angry, feeling betrayed and that the election was stolen from them. It was apparently well organized between 2 million young kids who arranged via cell phone and internet to have people in each town go out en masse to vote in the Socialists."

That would explain a lot.


I hope you are right about them not coming after us right now. I have said before that another attack on the United States, especially in "Walmart USA" would probably more inspire a "Jacksonian" unleashing the world hasn't seen in a long time, rather than shrinking back. Obviously they must never be allowed to get nukes.


I wish so, sounds wishful to me. Are we talking illegal votes or just a high turn-out of youth. Remember 2000 ( I voted Gore sorry. I promise to vote Bush this time ) I was pissed of too. But that of course has given way to appreciation. Who says this is any different?

Obviously they must never be allowed to get nukes.

Samuel I actually snorted when I read that.

Iran will have nukes any day now, and the Dean/Kerry/Chamberlin ticket has the country so paralized that Bush can do nothing.

The terrorists will have nukes or something soon enough. But if they have any connection to reality, they'll stay away from the US untill they have a bunch of nukes in place.

And the west will live in denial until the shit really hits the fan. Remember the only thing we have to fear are Republicans and right wing Christians.

Yehudit: interesting. What I don't get is -- where were the rest of the voters? I don't care how many young kids vote "en masse" -- if the rest of the voting population wanted someone else in power, and they were in the majority, then where were they if not at the polls?

It would be nice to think that this was a case of a somehow "stolen" election, but I have to come to the conclusion, unless vote tampering or some other political chicanery can be proved, that this government was elected by a majority of the people who voted.

Yes this was from Dr. Suess about an earlier generation of appeasers.

Good old Dr. Suess. Cutting edge that man!

I have to agree with Andrea on this point -- 2 million socialist kiddies encouraging each other to vote is pretty unobjectionable, from a principles of democracy point of view. That said, if this did happen, the kids in question are steaming asshats.

Hmm, Socialist kiddies...

Wrechard (belmontclub.blogspot.com) has been pointing out that communist/socialist revolutionaries all over the world (yes they those organizations still exist), have become beholden to islamofacist terrorist groups because the islamofacists are well funded (oil money) and well armed.

It's like mafia, you gotta respect the big man. I wonder if the Spanish socialist kiddies have been taught to respect the Al Qu'eda master, I'll bet that stuff trickles down into the respectable socialist circles too... Even our left is getting that bit of indoctrination now.

This is scary. And what's up with that fire in Moscow, on election day?

This world is dangerous. Bush is the better choice come November.

Nuke the Extremist!

"I sure hope Spain is worth it, 'cuz you just killed your chance to get Bush out of office."

"This world is dangerous. Bush is the better choice come November."

European attempts at appeasement have a long history, and Europeans seem to have astoundingly short memories. I feel grief and sympathy for the people of Spain, but it's hard to comprehend how a country could absorb such an attack and proceed immediately to vote those most sympathetic toward the terrorists into power.

However, doing an ipso facto equation of European appeasement with John Kerry is simply horse manure, as is the claim that Kerry will always cower in fear simply because he opposed the Vietnam War along with a large number of other Americans. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are so inconsiderate of their own political future as to do anything even remotely smacking of appeasing al-Qaida or any other terrorist organizations.

Equating John Kerry with the Spanish socialists is simply an outright lie.

I don't think John Kerry will quiver with fear. I think he'll try to arrest Osama bin Laden: it's a law-enforcement issue, after all, right?

I don't think Kerry is a coward, I think he underestimates the enemy.

Bullshit Miker.

Kerry says that we need to appease our former allies, we need the UN's approval for everything we do. In other words he's found an excuse for doing nothing, which is all he'll ever do.

As I said in the other thread:

There's no doubt in my mind that if we do nothing, within 100 years, the US will be like Israel, but they'll be using worse weapons than backpacks with cheap explosives... Our economy will be ruined and our children and grandchildren will live in constant fear.

And there's no doubt in my mind that Kerry does not intend to fight.

Unless the security council, with Syria, France and China suddenly decide that we need to protect the US from Islamofacism and (ha) and even then. This bullshit about needing the respect of our enemies, sorry, our allies, is just an excuse for not prosecuting a war that Kerry is too stupid to understand. He apparently built his shallow ego on being against all wars and is not going to understand the necessity of fighting this one.

Oddly Normal, my take is that Kerry is a windbag and nothing but a windbag.

When he gets elected it will be like the last scene in Mr Roberts. He said anything and everything. He believed nothing. Then, with a completely blank mind he says "now what?"

He'll never do anything. What can a man who believes nothing do?

Yeah, Kerry definitely has a certain gaseous quality to him. I think he'd make some effort to round up the bad guys, but he wouldn't make the hard decisions necessary to make real progress, 'cuz it wouldn't be worth it -- I honestly don't think he realizes how much damage al-Qaeda could do if we let up. He thinks they're the mafia. I think they're murderous jihadis attempting conquest.

The current crop of Democrats see no need to study the world, they think their only duty is to defeat Republicans.

It's ironic that GW couldn't even name world leaders during his election, but he hired people who understood the problem (they were the only ones who said we could solve our terrorist problem). But he's turning out to be the ernestly studious one compared with the Democrats.

"Hey, I know just as little as you do, vote for me!" As if you can protect a country armed with nothing more than angry ignorance.

BIGFIRE: Italy maybe, but do not under estimate the Poles and the Czechs. They are bad-asses and have been for a long while. Like gold tested in fire, man.

The question is how do we really fight Islamism? Surely no one can say we are a truly winning this war. Islamism is not a nation, its a culture. It lives in Madrid, Sydney or Bangkok as much as Kabul or Riyadh. How do we destroy a toxic culture- or least quarantine its malcontents- when they live everywhere?

Oddly this war would be easier if it actually were against Islam as a whole, but that's impossible. Even if they are but a minority moderate Muslims should be respected and seperated from Islamists.

The longer this goes on the more I feel that to beat the Islamists we may have to wage a sort of guerilla war upon them. Conventional armies don't seem to be overly effective nowadays.

Well we can't win the war quickly... My point of view is that we have to reform muslim society just as we had to reform American society to purge it of slavery, sexism, religious extreemism (Salem witch trials, etc..) and other such evils.

But first we have to get over this stupid illiberal idea that America's history of such sins makes us worse rather than better than other societies. Other societies have evils as bad as our worst ones were. We reformed, but much of the rest of the world hasn't.

We also need to get over wishful thinking like the assumption that these problems will solve themselve automatically.

Of course you have to study hard to understand what's going on in a culture that where people don't speak English and are from some other religion. They may not be "like us" in very important ways.

Bush / neocon plan that starts with destablizing corrupt regimes and pushing democracy may the only reasonable first step, and it will take years to know if that is working.

Of course the democratic/UN pressure to hurry up is our worst enemy in doing a good job, and it's a shame to see that Bush had no choice but to cave in to that.

The alternative is to be so violent that promises that Jihadis and their families go directly to heaven won't work. A society that believes that God wants them to slaughter infidels (and especially Jews) won't be detered by less than massive nuclear holocausts. That's a road that will harm the world and the US more than I want to contemplate. So lets try it the easy way first.

But I won't accept the idea that its acceptable to live with terrorism. If they give us no way to make our children safe and secure other than to slaughter them wholesale, I will choose safety and figure that thier survivors will know better than to try that bullshit again. I hope we know better than to be taken advantage of.

But the leftist "answer" of only critising ourselves, pretending that insituting whatever socialist laundry list they always wanted will magically wipe out Jihad (it has no effect) and never using force is bullshit. That's just a way to make yourself into a sitting duck.

You have to actually face the reality of the problem in order to solve it.

BTW my last two comments were directed to " C Valentine"

This is indeed a sad event. I hope it isn't repeated here in the U.S. in November.

Well this is a clear example of how shite the education system is in Spain. Or don't they bother to teach European 20th century history anymore? The last time there was mad genocidal war-monger threatening their country they sided with him. So, in fact, this is a no change situation.

I'm with Patrick. Hitting Poland at least would be a huge mistake--probably the Czech Republic as well.

I thought the Spanish people had more backbone than this.

It nauseates me, and I weep for the hell they've brought their children.

After writing the bit about nukes I went to bed and had a dream that I started a nuclear war...