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reach out

Like I said, the war on terror is everyone's war. spain.jpg [AP Photo/Peter Dejong] Remember this? Grief shared is grief comforted. To send flowers to the Spanish Embassy: 2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. - Washington, D.C. 20037. The Embassy phone number, which you'll need to enter for Internet orders is 202.452.0100. [info from Instanpundit]


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It's payback time, this time is a sad but good way. Thanks for posting such a great idea.

btw, 1800flowers.com demands a first and last name. Inocencio Aris is the ambassador to the UN, and should suffice. I stuck "(or any official)" on the same line as his last name, just in case.

You know, normally this wouldn't be something I would think about doing, but I'm so damn glad you provided this. I sent some. Because I remember how personally touched I was at the outpouring of emotional support and the thoughtfulness of people around the whole world taking flowers to our Embassies.

I haven't forgotten the political ill will of those who made it plain they were full of it for the US. But neither have I forgotten that there were many who wanted to express their concern and share our grief. Not everybody hates us. It is personally important to me that the people of Spain know that I give a damn.

I'm not normally this mushy. Move along now, nothing to see..

Donate to the Spanish Red Cross here.

(Link from Norbizness)

You know, I had a friend ask me today: "Jeff, why don't you ask all those folks in madrid how much safer they feel now that Sadaam (sic) is in u.s. custody.''

My reply:

Chris, why don't you ask why they attacked Madrid instead of Washington D.C.? Or New York. Or L.A.? I'm not saying they won't. But there's a reason they've bombed Bali and places like that. Because we've got on their ass everywhere we can get after them. Everyone needs to be as vigilant as we are. At least Spain had the balls to fight terror where it breeds. We stopped fighting Iraqi soldiers a long time ago. We're fighting Osama's bretheren in Iraq now.
Why don't you ask the millions of people who lost loved ones over the past three decades in Iraq if they're glad they now have a constitution that guarantees their freedom. Including the freedom not to fear gas attacks by their own leader.

And ask the women of Iraq if they'll be better off participating in their own government instead of hiding in their homes and having secret schools for their daughters.

Let me ask you this: Do you think any terrorist anywhere fears John Kerry? Do you think any of them have any fears that he will pursue them and kill them at any point in his presidency for anything they might do to us or our allies? John Kerry is a blank fucking check for Al Qaida and every terror group around the globe. He can't make up his mind where he stands on any issue, much less terrorism.

But he's not Bush. So let's elect him.

It's going to happen. They're going to attack again. They've said it. They're the fear mongers. We had these people in our sites for a decade and chose to prosecute them in court. Guess what? It didn't work.

But what we've done in the past three years has brought Libya to the table. International pressure has at least shamed Iran into halting its nuclear program temporarily. Threat of American action stopped North Korea for the time being. Syria got nice and polite once they realized that they were getting a nice looksee about how much they had laundered and hidden arms for Saddam. This isn't just about Iraq, boys. It's a worldwide problem.

But by all means, let's just give up. What's 3,000 souls on 9/11 when we have 250 million people in this country. They'll get tired of killing us eventually, I'm sure.

Fearmongering? I'm still scared shitless by 9/11. I think I was given a reason to be. But what scares me more is the fact that the lessons of 9/11 are being forgotten only two years after. And the guy who wants the job has yet to tell me how he could do a better job than what's happened already, other than to say he wouldn't get us into this mess to begin with.

Well, Johnny, the mess found us this time.

Jeff, you've given me one of those intensely jealous "I wish I'd said that" moments. You've hit the nail on the head.

Of course, it's still by no means certain that Al Qaeda was behind the attack in Spain. But you know what? I don't care, and I never have. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter whether they're with the Basque separatists, Al Qaeda, or the Animal Liberation Front. If they target civilians, they are enemies and terrorists and should be hunted down like dogs and killed. God speed the Spanish authorities, and anyone else involved, in accomplishing that task.

Michele, I have been reading and enjoying your blog from a long time. Thanks for the solidarity and caring you, and the American like you, are showing toward us, the Spanish people.

Right now, we don't know who did the bombing. But I hope whoever did it finds his/her personal hell and stays right there till the end of days.

If you want to know something about ETA you can find some information at http://www.mir.es/oris/infoeta/indexin.htm. It's in English.

Thank you for your good wishes.

What I don't get is why Instapundit makes a big point of telling everyone how to flood offices with flowers instead of telling his readers how to donate to the Spanish Blood Transfusion Society or something similar. Y'know, something useful.

Tapers, they already received more than enough blood.

This is a show of sympathy. Some people who are going through a crisis find that pretty useful.

Does anybody know of a relief fund for injured?
Flowers might be a feel-good gesture, but you can't
use them to buy groceries or pay the rent.

Does anyone know a site to donate to the Red Cross in Spain where the site is in Englis?

Sorry, EnglisH

Hey, all great suggestions, all should be followed up on. But please don't dismiss a kind-hearted gesture. No one is saying let's send 'em flowers till August.

It is an expression of sympathy, and support. Sharing grief. Grief is immediate, and while we all handle it differently, we all handle it.

I thought when my mom died that flowers really wouldn't mean anything to me. That it would be better to donate money to the American Heart Association or something 'useful'.

But the truth is both things are useful. The flowers were an immediate and very special reminder to me that people cared how I felt. People who didn't know my mom sent them so I could know that. That's important too.

I have to agree with Dave. It is amazing how much comfort something likes flowers gives when a loved one dies. It's a gesture and the world did it for us. We need to let them know we are not so self-centered that we don't think their tragedy deseveres equal recognition. The other donations are awesome too, but sending flowers is like lowering the flag or pulling over to the side of the road.