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site notes

I actually did something myself without breaking the site. Installed Brad Choate's Textile formatting. The best thing about this? When I copy and paste from another site or WordPerfect, it will convert those silly quotation marks to normal quotation marks. Thus, my RSS feed will no longer be broken and people will no longer be mad at me. Textile formatting has tons of great features. Oh, and here's my RSS feed. Maybe Jeff will start reading me again. [I'll put a link to the feed on the sidebar]


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RSS! Yay!

Now I'll be able to get my Michelisms mere minutes after they're posted. Ah, life is good.

WordPerfect, what are you doing using WordPerfect????

I stopped reading your site when you stopped mailing me a printed copy of it. That's the alternate format I prefer. So I no longer read web pages that don't also mail me a printed version.

[makes about as much sense as not visiting a web page because it doesn't have an RSS feed ... it's the words that matter, not the format]

Reid, I'm going to stop the mailings. From now on I will walk to your house every morning and read the blog out loud to you. Naked.

Who needs an RSS feed?

I appreciate, and accept, your fine offer of ... service. However, I will have to heavily filter many web authors who might decide to try that format as well.

I have no desire to have Jeff Jarvis offer a similar ... service. Or any number of other bloggers I can think of. But it would make for an interesting picture at my front doorstep.

Reid, how do you rate? I want that same ... service.

Bravo... Now I'm really out of work :-(