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First post of 2004. I'm very drunk, in a very good mood, and I've been singing doo-wop songs with my mom all night. We played a board game that has to do with 1990's trivia and I didn't win because all the questions I got had to do with Madonna and Melrose Place and I know little about either.

It's 2004. Wow. Going to be a very interesting year.

There was this New Year's Eve, in 1998, when Justin and I were separated by too many miles and a series of unfortune circumstances and events and coincidences made the night one of my worst on record. It was as if the fates conspired to ruin us. I'm not able to tell the whole story now and looking back at it, it wasn't as dramatic and depressing as I once thought, but it did start 1999 off with a whimper, not a bang.

Anyhow, Justin promised me a few days later that we would never, ever spend another New Year's Eve apart and he has kept that promise. Kissing him at midnight is something I will treasure every year as if it is a new gift.

Yea, the rum is talking. As is the champagne (say that like Christopher Walken). I'm one of those mushy, slobbering, love everyone in the world drunks. I only get drunk like twice a year so I tend to go all out and get totally smashed. I would kiss you if you were here.

I'm going to stop now before I regret it. I really just wanted to say, once again, Happy New Year everyone and I love you, Justin and I always will, hundreds of New Year's eves from now we will be two lost souls floating in space hanging onto each other.

Jesus, where's the bathroom? How far away is it? And please, not another round of In the Still of the Night.


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I wanted to drink the whole bottle of champagne but I caaaaan't!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hey, not rioting in Times Square. 2004 is starting out well.

I spent my evening watching others get drunk (as I do not drink). And just as I was packing up to leave one of my friends ran to the bathroom to eject the contents of her stomach (prior to that she had been passed out on the couch). Such fun! I think I'll just continue to live vicariously through the lives of others.


Mushy drunks rock. But this line about you getting drunk only twice a year?? Hmmm ...


I just finished watching one of my favorite movies - My Man Godfrey. Michele, this post is so dizzily beautiful it sounds like it could have come straight from Carole Lombard's lips.

Happy New Year.
Long live the Five Satins...

If I were here, I'd kiss you, too. Wait, what?

If I were here, I'd kiss me, too.

Oh dammit. You know what I mean.

Happy New Year....and I hope you took some Motrin with plenty of water before you fell asleep....lol!

Thanks for making me a better-informed person in 2003 - I'm looking forward to 2004. But I have a request. Can I have some of your energy, please? How DO you do it all????

Happy New Year to one of the best friends two people could ever have! Now get your butt down here already! :-)

Happy New Year!
Wishes for health and happiness for you and yours.
I was going to wish that you rule all your videogames as if you were on godmode, but perhaps that's a curse...

You have to live a little frome time2time. Still feeling the FX of a Absinthe venture, I wish you a Happy New Year.

KFA in 2004.

Go slow man.

Michele - What Scott said earlier. If I were there, I'd kiss you, too. Thanks for your insight, your passion and your intellect this past year. Quite simply, you rock!

All the best, Terry