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george steinbrenner must be stopped


Yea, I know Andy wanted to go home. I know this was as much Pettite's choice as it was the fault of Steinbrenner for not taking Pettite's threat to leave as seriously as he should have. But if Georgie boy doesn't take a back seat and let the people who actually know baseball run the team, then there's going to more of this.

And I spit on Gary Sheffield. He's poison.


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"Yankees how ya doin'"

Watching the Yankees this year is like watching decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Go Mets !!!

Your loss is our gain. But seriously the guy took an 8 million dollar pay cut so he could be close to home.

All I can say is: Muhahaha.

This is a huge emotional loss for the Yankees. Pettitte was a huge part of the 90s dynasty, and he'll be sorely missed. Still, people are getting way too pessimistic too soon. Vasquez is a stud, and he'll finally get some support in NYC, and if they do wind up swapping Weaver for Brown (which looks very likely), they have a stronger rotation then they had last year. And as much as Sheffield is a team cancer, he's a ridiculous athelete. If he doesn't take the season off (ala Manny Ramirez) and Brown stays moderately healthy, this will be a scary team.

Shef really did wonders in the playoffs for the Braves didn't he? I think he got a total of three hits both in the 2002 and the 2003 playoffs. Y'all can have him.

I can't believe the disAstros (or lAstros) got over on the pinstriped juggernaut. Perhaps Steinbrenner was filming another Visa commercial or trying to evaluate George Costanza's proposal to acquire Barry Bonds AND Ken Griffey.

Don't worry, I'm sure Jeff Weaver will pick up the slack.

The tide turns. God is great!

I've always thought Gary Sheffield is the Ted McGinley of baseball... Yankee fans, your team has jumped the shark.

I don't think Steinbrenner has ever fully understood the importance of good, reliable pitching. Pettite's numbers might not always be great, but he's a guy you want on the mound when everything is on the line. Sheffield is a good player, but he's not as valuable to a team as Pettite.

I'm afraid George's dormant lust for power hitters has resurfaced. Which is no great tragedy to me, since I'm not a Yankees fan. I'm still hoping that Joe will decide to get the heck out of there and we can get him back with the Cardinals where he belongs. ;-)

Damn Steinbrenner. Damn him to hell. How do you lose Andy Pettite? First of all, we should have offered much more than $13 million. Without pitching, the rest of our payroll is next to worthless. We should have locked up a verbal deal with Andy during the season, but no. George had to protect his ego. So now what Georgie. Watcha gonna do.

80s nostalgia is back in the Bronx!

Hey You got Brown now....outstanding way to counter the Houston move.

All we need is the Sox's to sign A-Rod and this will be a great week in anti-yankee history

Bullshit he wanted to leave. Steinbrenner never called him once. Not once. Even so, his people continued to negotiate. They asked the Yankees to give him four years for 52 million. A lot of money but basically what Bartolo Colon got. The Yankees turned it down. They never offered this 31 year old 24 game winner a 4th year. This is the beginning of a long downward cycle that will only end when Steinbrenner is once again forced to relinquish control of the team, hopefully for good.

"And I spit on Gary Sheffield. He's poison."

Could be worse. Two words: Mo. Vaughn.

What do you expect from the Convicted Pardoned Liar? You know, Steinbrenner and Sheffield should go well together. The Yankees? We'll find out in ten months.

What a great group Georgie,sheffield,and the personable Brown.The Bronx air will be stifling

man a year later and these predictions are right on point. fucking idiots. there honestly is not one correct prediction. your all a bunch of jealous pussy's