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7 Hero For Hire, Chapter IV
Author: GeekMan

This is a fictional story created by the author based upon ten random sentences submitted to him by his readership. The challenge for the readers was to come up with the weirdest, silliest, strangest or oddest sentence they could write down and the author would then weave the top ten he received into a coherent story for their amusement. The author also linked each submitted sentence used in the story back to the Blog or email address of the submitter. Adam Dragonhart, the story of a down on his luck hero for hire, was the result.
Word count: 2,674
Rating: PG

8 True Tales of Medical School The Foley
Author: Scott
A true story relating one of my most memorable days as a med student. Scary then, funny now.
Word count: 360
Rating: PG-13

9 The Prison
Author: Sheya Joie
(no blurb submitted)
Word count: 232
Rating: G

10 "The Remembrance Box"
Author: Darleen Click
Our memories are tied to things, some more tangible than others.
Word count: 1,900
Rating: PG

11 A Dolly XMas
Author: Mark Philip Alger
The experience of Gabrielle Dolly's first Christmas..
Word count:10,6000
Rating: R

12 Happily Ever After
Author: Michele Catalano
Some day her Prince will come - drunk, belligerent and ready to throw down
Word count:2,247
Rating: R

of Stories

1 Walking to California
Author: Curtis
Chris, a young adult, walks from Denver to Los Angeles in the wake of a horrible accident that kills his entire family
Word count: 1,830.
Rating: PG-13

2 The Bottom Buster
Author: Fred Schoeneman
This is the story of a hulldiver, just trying to get through life without hurting anyone.
Word count: 4,500.
Rating: R

3 Alliances, Chapter 2 of Fire
Author: Donald Crankshaw
In this second chapter of Fire, the Orcs enter the picture. The "King" of the Orcs, Talnek, is hard at work at keeping a civil war from breaking out among the various tribes.
Word count: A 4,947 excerpt of a 90,111 word novel.
Rating: PG

4 Walter Mitty and the Seventh Dwarf go to the Fate Bookstore
Author: Stewart Wood
Fate brings fantasy to life for a shy young man.
Word count: A 1,472 excerpt of a 90,111 word novel.
Rating: PG-13

An Honest Politician: Got Your Number!
Author: Wolfie
Its about an honest politician so you know its fiction!.
Word count: 3,422
Rating: R

6 Fish Bait
Author: Andrew Ian Dodge
Clive thinks he might get lucky with a young American girl from a small town in Massachusetts...
Word count: 1,032
Rating: R

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