February 21, 2006

But you can't pick your friend's nose

By Robyn

My first official "nails on a chalkboard" contestant of the year is...Kellie Pickler...


Horrid performance aside, at the end of her segment she actually said "Pick Pickler" into the camera. This is not a student council election, honey. This is American Idol. And you are the weakest link. Goodbye. Failinator choice added!

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January 18, 2006

Oh. Bother.

By Robyn

I don't even know how to review Tuesday's show. I felt like I was watching bad, recycled outtakes from last year -- beginning with Paula's cartoon "rat" routine. The judges seem bored and tired. As did the talent pool. And only one real crazy loon to speak of.

The "pre-Hollywood" shows are supposed to be the crème de la crème of Idol. You know, the outtakes they flood us with all season long... If Tuesday night's opening episode was any indication, it's going to be a long run 'til May. So much for starting strong.

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May 25, 2005

And so we draw the final curtain

By Robyn

I'm going to go against the other two predictions posted thus far (1, 2) and go with.....Bo.

Why, you might ask? Especially when the other two Idol Tongues posters make such valid points...

The reason is simple. Simon, even though having pegged her as the winner in just about every television interview since AI's Season 4 started, doesn't like country music. At all. He's made that abundantly clear over the years. And if Carrie wins, he'll be hearing a lot of it on his dime. Granted, he doesn't seem to know much about Southern Rock either... But originality or cookie-cutter mold? Maybe this is the one time we'll see the music industry buck the trend and start a new one.

Or maybe not. Either way, I don't lose personally. My Idol Successinator pick wins, or a fellow Oklahoman and Sooner fan wins. Ob la di. Ob la da.

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May 18, 2005

For all the marbles batteries

By Robyn

Elimination prediction's late...but better late than pregnant?

Bo is in a league of his own and has more talent in his left pinkie finger than Kelly, Reuben and Fantasia combined. If he doesn't run with the '05 AI title next week all the way back home to sweet home Alabama, I don't know why I've even bothered to watch all season.

As for his female counterpart in the finale, it's going to be between Vonzell and Carrie (obviously). And what kind of Oklahoma girl would I be if I voted against my own?

So my pick for the year's supply of Turtle Wax tonight? Sorry Vonzell. I may live in Florida now, but I'm Sooner born and Sooner bred. I have enjoyed the helloutta ya' this season, however! After this competition I predict you're gonna do fine, fine, jus' fine...


May 11, 2005

The final four

By Robyn

Another snooze-fest last night. My fifteen-month old nailed the only reason to watch the show. During the performance of "For The Love Of Money" he walked up to the TV and chanted "Bo! Bo! Bo!" Smart kid. Especially since last week, the second Corey Clark opened his mouth to sing on "Fallen Idol", our son started shrieking and we had to comfort him to get him to stop crying...

Enough of the chit-chat though. Bottom two: Anthony and Vonzell

Although I think Vonzell redeemed herself with the second performance, and I honestly did feel sorry for her after her meltdown and near-tripping incident post-judge review, as Sekimori so eloquently stated last night..."Jeez louise, you know, controlling your crap onstage is part of the deal, sweetie."

And Anthony, well it's time I get to clear out my Failinator pick once and for all. I can't take anymore of that Linus pumpkin patch that's the most sincere routine while staring soulfully into the camera crap.

So my official pick for tonight's hasta-la-bye-bye: Anthony

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May 04, 2005

Insert witty title here

By Robyn

Thanks to a fun case of food poisoning at 8 months pregnant courtesy of the fine folks at Taco Bell, I'm taking the easy route with my predictions tonight.

Last week the Magic 8 Ball flaked out on me. Tonight, I'm trying the coin flip. It's about as scientific as putting the fates of the contestants in the hands of Ohio voters, no?

My two choices? Scott (heads) and Anthony (tails). The results? Photo here at my moblog.

Now back to the couch with me...


April 27, 2005

Six one, half-dozen the other

By Robyn

This is one week I have absolutely no idea on how to make my guesses. Do I guess how the brain-dead American public will vote? Or do I go with what I think after watching last night's hella-lame broadcast?

For lack of time and / or motivation, I guess I'll go with the latter...

So bottom three: Anthony Fedorov (how dare you subject a woman this pregnant to even more Celine - I honestly don't care if it "touched your heart"), Constantine Maroulis (this information could devastate my reputation as a dude - but I actually like "How You Remind Me" - however, your smarmy rendition literally caused me to pop a Pepcid AC), and Scott Savol (I said it last night and I'll say it again - "correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he get into this contest with some sob story of how his daddy didn't believe in him and told him he'd fail...and he picks this song?!?")

I had to ask the Magic 8 Ball to pick teh losah for me - "will ______ ______ get the boot on tonight's 'American Idol'":

Anthony Fedorov: Cannot predict now
Constantine Maroulis: My reply is no
Scott Savol: You may rely on it

My desperation pick then, lord in heaven willing? Scott Savol.

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April 20, 2005

Fly, Robyn - fly!

By Robyn

I'm a child of the 70s. I loves me some disco, hearing the words "all skate", and feelin' the beat on the tamborine... That said, I just wasn't feelin' it last night, dawg. In fact, I was downright bored through most of the show.

When I think of 70s Dance Music — I hear "Ring My Bell", "Shadow Dancing", "Knock on Wood", "If I Can't Have You...", "Don't Leave Me This Way", "My Sharona"..... Certainly not songs like "MacArthur Park", "Don't Take Away the Music", and "Vehicle". And even though most of the reviews on Bo's performance seem to be extremely positive, I would have seriously enjoyed the kitsch value of hearing him perform something along the lines of "Kung Fu Fighting". Of course, that's just me. And Simon (if he could be honest) would probably have compared it to a karaoke performance in a nightclub in Thailand... But I digress.

Now let's see. Let's see. Bottom three. For consistency's sake, I have to include Scott Savol and Anthony Fedorov. And just because it seems exceedingly obvious every week that the boy just wants to go home already, I'll add in Anwar Robinson for good measure.

My pick for the batteries? Anwar Robinson.

Robyn would just like to note, for the official record, her picks went up first this week. Normally she's dead-last, so she needs to have something to be proud of!

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April 13, 2005

Close only counts...

By Robyn

This week I don't want to be "safe" with my prediction. I just want to be right. Because if I have to look at Scott's face for one more week of this competition, let's just say "morning sickness" isn't even going to begin to describe what I'm feeling these days...

Last night Seacrest seemed eager to show Hall and Oates were more than happy to give the thumbs-up to Savol's performance. However, lest ye forget, this is a photo of Hall and Oates in their prime:

The use of jazz hands, high-heel boots, muted pastels, cheesy mustache and sleeveless muscle-shirt might better serve backing and endorsing a contestant such as Anwar, no?

So battery-quest be damned -- tonight my bottom three will include Scott Savol (he took that phone slogan "reach out and touch someone" just a little too seriously and hopefully soon it will catch up with 'im), Anthony Fedorov (my failinator feels so lonely - and I promise you won't take a piece of me with you), and Nadia Turner (legs up to your neck don't make up for putting me to sleep several weeks in a row now).

But even though last week proved I can't trust America to pick for me, I'm still going to stick to my guns and pick who I think should go...and that's Scott Savol. Yo, dawg - I'm just keepin' it real.

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April 06, 2005

One White Russian to go, please

By Robyn

Fortunately for Scott Savol, the AI powers that be decided his, errr, 'violent past' was not equal with that of Corey Clark's in 2003 and he's been allowed to remain in the competition.

Unfortunately for Scott, not only is he facing a semi-scandal that doesn't play well with women across America - his performance last night really wasn't all that either.

However, will those two combined be enough to rid our TV screens of him permanently? I'm not so sure... Based solely on performance, I think Anthony Fedorov deserves to go. In the case of Scott, one can only hope "there's always next week".

My bottom three are Savol, Fedorov, and for lack of a better option...Nadia Turner.

My pick for the Coppertops is Fedorov though. To quote Simon, "Hideous. Everything about it was horrible."

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March 30, 2005

10. 10. 10. 10. For everything... everything...

By Robyn

I'm the last to update with my predictions today since a certain 13-month old seems to think he's the next American Idol around here...

Last night blew more chunks than I have with morning sickness as of late. Horrible. Terrible. Total waste of my time, and thank the heavens for TiVo's FF feature!

Anwar had been my pick to win it all, but that's gonna change. Each week his performances are less and less stellar and it's going to take moving me to tears (which isn't hard with all these hormones) to bring me back into his camp. For now, I guess I'm switching Successinator loyalties over to Bo -- although he far from "wow'ed" me last night as well.

As for my bottom three tonight? Anthony Fedorov, Scott Savol and Anwar Robinson. (If Anwar insisted on crooning an R. Kelly tune, he could at least have picked a Chappelle-ized version!) And I guess I'm throwing my batteries in Fedorov's basket, hoping I can update my Failinator pick two weeks in a row.


March 24, 2005

We'll pray. We'll pray. We'll pray for the last time.

By Robyn

Last week, I wished for Mikalah Gordon to be served with walking papers, knowing full-well that it wouldn't happen (so my actual pick was correct).

This week, Mikalah dodged a bullet once...if the rumors are true...by having the votes that eliminated her Tuesday night deemed null and void due to "graphical errors" with the telephone voting numbers displayed on screen. Can she miss an inevitable lightning strike twice?

From phillyburbs.com: For the first time ever, Simon looked scared of a contestant. And rightly so. Mikalah is reminiscent of a girlfriend who goes psycho after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Theyre going to need a straightjacket to get Mikalah off the stage this week because the nut job wont even understand how or why she could be voted off the show.

Assuming the producers of the show are able to keep the second round of phone voting this week legit, I'm grabbing the popcorn and picking Mikalah. Bring on the pig's blood!


March 16, 2005

Don't forget me when I'm gone

By Robyn

If I had one wish that I could wish this first finalist elimination round of American Idol's fourth season, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace.

If I had two wishes that I could wish for this first finalist elimination round of American Idol's fourth season, the first would be the crap about the kids...and the second would be for Mikalah Gordon to be given the boot.

However, since that ain't bloody likely yet (le sigh) -- my official prediction is that Lindsey Cardinale will be singing her final Idol farewell.

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March 09, 2005

Hey, hey, hey - goodbye!

By Robyn

Here are my predictions for tonight. Sorry I haven't been around much as of late. Life, pregnancy and a 13-month old seem to have taken first priority...

On the guys side, I'd like to dedicate a pack of Duracell Coppertops to: Constantine (wishful thinking, perhaps) and Travis

And on the girls side, a pack of Energizer MAX is dedicated to: Janay (heaven above, please don't let her have the voting block we fear) and Mikalah (if there is any justice in this world)

I'll probably be lucky to go 1-3...so maybe I should term this a "wishlist" instead of a predictions list...but we'll see! Show's about to start!

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February 23, 2005

Round One Elimination Predictions

By Robyn

Robyn is a four-season professional American Idol watcher. Do not try this at home.

My guesses / hopes for tonight's first round of finalist eliminations:

Guys - Jared Yates & Travis Tucker
Dolls - Amanda Avila & Melinda Lira

Of course, this is the same viewing audience that put the 'three divas' in the bottom three last year and sent Jennifer Hudson home... Only time shall tell.


February 22, 2005

People of the world - spice up your life

By Robyn

And now, my first round of "Fickle Finger of Fate Awards" for the fourth season of American Idol...honoring the good, and well, the not so good...

[fickle finger of fate]

Carrie Underwood - award for temporarily taking me back to high school whilst crooning into my hairbrush

Melinda Lira - award for making me thank the heavens for TiVo's FF feature (Celine rendition = ummmm owww)

Nadia Turner - award for realizing the world really did need another Scary Spice incarnation after all

Mikalah Gordon - She had style, she had flair, she was there...that's how she became the...Idol...award

Aloha Mischeaux - the "damn, I'd need a cigarette if I wasn't pregnant and actually smoked" after that performance award


February 16, 2005

Don't stop believin'

By Robyn

NOUN: 1a. The act of traveling from one place to another; a trip. b. A distance to be traveled or the time required for a trip: a 2,000-mile journey to the Pacific; the three-day journey home. 2. A process or course likened to traveling; a passage: the journey of life. 3.The most overused phrase in reality TV.

It's a good thing I'm pregnant, because the American Idol "journey" drinking game would probably flatline me tonight!

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February 08, 2005

You can take the girl outta Oklahoma...

By Robyn

How to tell you've dropped a small town girl from Oklahoma (Carrie Underwood) into the middle of Hollywood... Ask her if she's seen any stars yet, and get a "no" reply because "the sky has been cloudy".

Obviously this household is pulling for her, but I hope Carrie's future auditions are a bit less lackluster than the first one she put up this evening!

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