April 26, 2006

Elimination Night

By Michele

Sorry for the lateness. You can still make your picks!


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April 25, 2006


By Michele

I believe we are looking at classic love songs tonight. Oh, yay.

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April 19, 2006

Elimination Night

By Michele





Chris and Ace?


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April 18, 2006


By Michele

Did I hear right? Rod Stewart night?


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April 13, 2006

A Tearful Paris

By Faith

Has anyone else noticed that Paris has cried every single week on elimination night except when Mandisa got the boot? Theories on this?

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April 12, 2006

Elimination Night

By Michele

Doing this now because I'm off to my parent's for Passover dinner and might not be back on time to get it started.

Feel free to make your bottom three picks!

Oh for the love of god. I have to look at Ace another fucking week.

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April 11, 2006

Queen Night!!!

By Michele

Have at it kids, I'll be around for this one.

Bucky first, doing Fat Bottom Girls. This is a good song choice for him.

Hmm...a little something missing. It's a good match for his voice, but it really is playing out like some guy singing in a bar. Nothing special.

Ace is doing We Will Rock You. NOT a good song choice, buddy. Not gonna work for you.

Oh god. Ace is going home this week. There is NO singing in this song. It's not showing his voice at all. And honestly, I just despise his face. GAH this is horrible. He changed he fucking TUNE.

Ace is going home this week.

Yes, Pickleface is doing Bohemian Raphsody. This is going to hurt me.


This is really fucking killing me. Jesusholyhellonajumprope.

Distracted by homework....Chris up...Innuendo...great job as always.

I missed McPhee on purpose

Elliot up, I love this song.

Gah. This is one of my favorite Queen songs and I don't think he's pullling it off.

Ok, back from middle school math hell, in time to see Paris doing a great job. I've been down on her lately, but she is singing the hell out of this.

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Crazy Little Thing...

By Michele

So tonight is Queen night. Anyone care to guess as to who will sing which song? Or what you'd like them each to sing?

I've got five bucks that Ace sings Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

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April 07, 2006

Having the Gays

By Stacy

An odd little piece from TMZ on Mandisa's booting:

(April 6, 5:20PM ET) -- America's shocking decision to vote Mandisa off 'American Idol' Wednesday night was not a shock at all to those backstage. Sources connected with 'Idol' tell TMZ the buzz behind the scenes last night was Mandisa getting the boot had nothing to do with her performance -- it was all about her openly anti-gay affiliations.

According to TMZ sources, lots of Hollywood types were backstage, including agents, PR flacks, managers and special guests. And the sentiment was clear; as one person put it, "Once you don't have the gays - forget about it."

Well, we don't know about that, but we do adore the statement "once you don't have the gays - forget about it" so much that we're putting it on a tshirt.

Continue reading "Having the Gays"

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April 05, 2006

Elimination Night

By Michele

Got my picks in just under the wire. Look over to the right.

Name your loser picks, kids.

Queen next week! That's going to be good!

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Fanning the flames....

By Stacy

Well, it seems some got their widdle feewings hurt over our opinion of Sucky Bucky, and to that we say, TOO BAD. He can't sing, people!

We have since unearthed Bucky's other job in showbiz:


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April 04, 2006


By Michele

You are on your own tonight, kids. I don't think I can take a night of this group singing country songs.

Bar is open, snacks on the table, help yourself.

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