March 29, 2006

Elimination Night 3/29

By Michele

Our picks will go up on the sidebar. You can make yours from now until the show.

I think the bottom three will be Lisa, Pickler and Acehole. Lisa will go home, even though I think Ace is more deserving of that. Pickler, I just want to kick her in the face.

well, well, well. Katherine AND Ace in the bottom three.

Whoa. There are other Katherine haters out there. Yes!

And finally, our long Lisa Tucker nightmare is over!

Batteries, please!

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March 28, 2006


By Michele

Welcome to another week, everyone.

Ok, I missed the beginning. What's the theme?

Songs of the 21st century? Bleh.

Lisa was awful.

I. Hate. Kelly. Pickler.

Hmm. I hate Ace too. He's pretty damn bland.

If Chris can make Creed sound good, he deserves to win.

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March 27, 2006

The Chris/Live Controversy

By Faith

So how are we all feeling about Chris' alleged failure to credit Live for the arrangement of Walk the Line he sang this week? I am in the "it must have gotten cut out of his pre-song interview" camp, seeing as how he was so forthright about the Chili Peppers the week before.

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March 25, 2006

Bucky Covington Exposed!!

By Stacy

Watching vintage Muppet Show eps with the kids tonight, I was floored to discover Mister Bucky Covington (yours truly's pick for the Failinator...because he CAN'T SING, that's why!), has had a job in show business before...


Yep, that folk music slinging Muppet, Jerry (of Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers), was played by none other than our least favorite Idol. Just remember, you heard it here first!

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March 23, 2006

AI Linkage

By Stacy

Boy, Little League really eats into the free time. Just to update you, we <3 Mandisa and Taylor, fully expect Chris to win. We despise Kelly (faker), Lisa (boring), and Ace (physically revolting at this point). The rest are just meh. Good job, America, on dumping the lisper, btw.

Gossip rag TMZ has all the Idol links you need or want on a weekly basis:

  • Taylor performing with his band. Can't wait to see this guy in concert.
  • Yet another rumor that Taylor will be dyeing his hair.
  • Pickler's dad speaks.
  • Covais' ex-gf blah blah blah.

And for those of you as horrified as I was to see that freak Maroulis in the audience Tuesday night, apparently he's parted ways with his pre-"fame" band. I'm sorry, you just can't pay me to give a shit.

And finally, gossip that The Abdul came thisclose to losing her job recently. Seriously, people, half the fun of watching this bizarre freakfest is to see what kind of idiocy pours out of her drunk/stoned mouth each week. The rumor mill had producers considering Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears to replace her. If true, that certainly indicates the policy of having judges with no actual singing ability would be strictly adhered to...

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March 22, 2006

Elimination 3/22

By Michele

Time to make your picks!

Our picks are over on the right.

I think chicken little is going to be with us yet another week, kids.

You can all relax now, CHICKEN LITTLE IS GONE!

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March 21, 2006


By Michele

Early start tonight with an article to ponder: What's the deal with Kevin still being around?

Oh jesus save me. It's Barry Manilow night.

Mandis up first. Oh, so it's not just Barry Manilow songs? Ok, 50's songs.

She looks great.

Man, I love her voice. She is a STAR. That's a hard act to follow.

Bucky coming up.

That was ok. Fun, but nothing that really moved me.

Paris up next.

I starte out loving her at auditions and now I'm...meh. There's something about her that rubs me the wrong way.

Ok, this is good. But I still don't think it's WOW.

Chris up next. YAY.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

Oh god. He could sing the freaking phone book at this point and I would love it.

Simon is going to say that Chris isn't showing any variety and that he needs to do something besides rock.

Ok, I was completely wrong.

Katherine up.

I really can't stand her. I don't like her stage presence or her attitude or her look in general. And she has turned this song boring.

Eek. I hated that. She is screechy.

Did Simon hear the same thing as me? Wow.

Taylor up.

The suit has to go.
That was fun. It's better if you close your eyes when he's on.

Ok kids, I'm tired and nursing a headache. Carry on with your bad selves for the rest of the show.

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March 15, 2006


By Michele

Come on in and make your picks before they announce!

WHAT? Ace over kevin in the bottom three?

I mean Kevin is my homeboy, but wow, I am SHOCKED.

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March 14, 2006


By Michele

Good evening everyone. I'll be here and there. Carry on per usual.

Ok, stopping in for Mandisa (another busy night at chez Michele).

She rocked the house. Still my number one chick and my second favorite overall.

Bucky was pretty damn awesome, eh?
I just can't get past the look. And the name.

Wow. Paris sounds like she's already a star.

YES CHRIS!!!!!!!

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Ramping Up

By Tanya

Starting tonight, the TV Guide Channel is apparently showing a live pre-AI warmup show called Idol Tonight.

"Idol Tonight" will feature appearances by ejected contestants and past "Idol" stars, plus interviews with vocal coaches, casting agents and industry insiders. Exclusive footage, including auditions, outtakes and post-performance confessions, will also be shown on the weekly program, a show publicist said Monday.

Hosted by former "Idol" finalist Kimberly Caldwell and one-time "Popstars" contestant Rosanna Tavarez, "Idol Tonight" will air at 7 p.m. and will capture the red carpet vibe outside "American Idol," said Ryan O'Hara, president of the TV Guide Channel.

Exciting. Which one's Kimberly Caldwell? The redneck-looking blonde? Anyway, I don't think I get the TV Guide Channel. But even if I do, I'm not sure I'm desperate enough to watch this. Or maybe I am. It might be worth one viewing, to gauge the outtakes and catfights. (You know we aren't seeing the real backstage drama.)


March 10, 2006


By Tanya

I found this little nugget tucked away at the bottom of an AI article:

[Gedeon] McKinney is a textbook example of a contestant who would have stood a much better chance had the producers chosen to tell more of his backstory.

He was supposed to audition in Memphis in September, but the auditions were canceled because of Hurricane Katrina. The teenager then went to Chicago, after raising the money by holding a concert at the Yo! Memphis Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and getting a donation from a local police association.

He earned his ticket to Hollywood, but in December, before the semifinals, his father died. McKinney chose to stay in the competition anyway, and sang well each week. Perhaps had he gotten the airtime that Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks received before the semifinals started, that would have given him a fan base that would have carried him to the finals.

I already didn't think he deserved to be cut so early, but Holy Hell! That's an even better sob story than the Pickle's. And way more spirit. Tough kid.

(I'm sure we'll be hearing more of him, if he sticks with that wicked old school Sam Cooke sound.)

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March 09, 2006

Elimination Night

By Michele

Hey kids. feeling really really under the weather today, so one of the other AI hosts may be along to do this post. If not, the comments are all yours!

ok, i had to drag myself off the couch to come in and say BUY BYE AYLA!!

Kinda sorry to see Gideon go, I like him.

my daughter is completely devestated about will.

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Elimination Prediction

By Tanya

It's so hard to guess at this point. They're all really talented, in their own ways and levels of competence...

Kinnik - Love her, but what was that? It sounded like the band was playing a completely different song.
Melissa - She impresses me more every week, but she just doesn't have the fan base. I'd rather see Ayla go, but that's highly unlikely.

Kevin - I know he has the granny vote, but that lisp is really starting to annoy me. If I can't even listen with my eyes closed, we have a problem.
Will - Just bored with him and his lame 70s tripe. (And he reminds me much more of Fred Savage, than Donny Osmond or Peter Brady.)


March 08, 2006

Boys 3/8

By Faith

Hi all! No idea where anyone is, so I'm starting a post here. Missed last night live, can't wait for tonite!

First up, Gedeon -- doing what he does best, Motown. When A Man Loves A Woman. I love this song, and he's good, but not doing it justice.

Next up, Chris. OK I don't know this song (Broken), but god damn his voice rocks.

Kevin singing a ballad?! *Gasp* I can't imagine that. *Cough* Starry Night. Yowtch. Ok guys, it's time for this kid to go home. The cute geek thing has run its course.

OK why does no one just come out and tell this kid he's the king of geeks and needs to stop deluding himself?? Really.

Bucky (Pothead) on now. Something country. Gotta admit he sounds pretty good to me, something Kenny Rogers about his voice tonite. Not bad.

Next up Will (AKA Bobby Brady). Singing James Taylor - How Sweet It Is. One word for this performance: BORING.

And now that I have your attention -- will everyone just notice how Paula breaks out the massive cleavage on the Boys nights and not the Girls nights. We can only hope she puts it away for the coed nights.

Taylor coming up. Takin It To The Streets. I have a really good feeling about this one. Considering he could pass for Michael McDonald, well, that's 1/2 the battle.

Here's the thing. His voice is INSANE, his gestures creep me a bit. But his voice is INSANE. This peformance might be one of the best ever on AI. And I'm not a Taylor fan. Or I wasn't.

Here comes Elliot - the ugly savant -- singing Bryan Adams? Ack that's a risk.

Is it just me or is this an affirmatively BAD performance? It's like he's not really there. And it is a horrific song to boot. OK Simon agrees. It wasn't just me.

Last but not least, Ace. Michale Jackson. Oh no.

I honestly didn't think he was capable of a sucky performance this early on. I was wrong. And get that stupid hat off.

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March 07, 2006

Girls, 3/7

By Michele

I have company and I'm trying to get rid of them.

So go ahead and have fun in the comments, I'll be along a bit later.

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March 02, 2006

Voting Night 2

By Faith

Michele's taking the night off to do real person important things, or so she says, so here I am live for the show. And heeeeeeere we go!

Oh great, another group number. Ho-hum.

Why haven't I learned to not watch these live and just fast foward through this recap crap on the DVR???

So there's Carrie with her boobs sticking out all over the place. She actually sounds like she's still kinda normal. Let's hear the song now.

Sorry, can't get into the Christian pop genre. Wonder what Simon would have to say about this.

Kinnik first in the bottom three. And yay! Brenna!!!! Rounded out with Heather. Way to go America. Reasonably good job.

OMG I could NOT be happier that Brenna got the LOWEST number of votes. What a hideous bitch.

Bye bye Heather. Can't really rejoice, she looks sweet enough. More batteries for me though! Goats? She's going home to goats? Yeeesh.

OK here come the guys....

OK, Sway in the bottom 3, no surprise there. What's with asking them to guess, that's just mean. David next, that's two of my choices. I've never been this on. Kevin, shocker. Wow. OK, let's get going Seacrest.

Kinda sad to see David go, liked his voice. Ah, well, more batteries.

Jeez. Paula's whacked tonite.

Last but not least.....Sway........a perfect score for me & Michele. All bow at our greatness of prediction!

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Week 2 Picks

By Faith

You can see them all in the table to the right. Gotta just say it was difficult picking on the boys' side this week. Other than Sway, can't see who I think would be clearly gone. I know many will say Gedeon, but I'm really growing fond of him. Tanya, I can't see Kevin going so early, he's gonna get the geek vote like the red haired kid from a few seasons back. Ah well, there we go.

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March 01, 2006

Top 20 - The Boys

By Tanya

Kenny Rogers?

Yeah, wave goodbye Brenna.

The seating change last night really improved Paula's judgment. I was thinking about that earlier this evening. They should switch permanently.

Taylor - He has a magic hat. (Spear and magic toboggan!) Not... Faith No More. Who is this by? Commodores - Easy Like Sunday Morning. Nice. Not thrilling, and I wouldn't have picked it for him, but I love it when he busts out. He made it his own.

Elliot - Moody's Mood For Love. Smooth. Michael Buble, look out. That was gorgeous. I would *never* have guessed he had that in him. Smokin'.

Ace - Ok, the security beanie thing is cute. Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One. See, this is why I called him Federov Lite. Not too rough, but so cloyingly, sickeningly sincere. Please go back to the fun, libertine thing. Gag.

Gedeon - Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come. Much better. Yes. His expressions creep me out, but I could listen to this all day. Beautiful.

The boys are kicking the crap out of the girls tonight.

Kevin - Marvin - Heard It Thru The Grapevine. Oh. No. Far, far too white. Too much e-nun-ci-a-tion. Ok, this is just painful. I like this kid, but what? They could get permission to do Right Said Fred? Oy.

Sway - Stevie - Overjoyed. Ok, I'm ready to ban Stevie now. Not that I don't love him, because I do, but do we need to hear three covers a night? Ugh. This is just a bad copy. Not even the tiniest thing to make it unique. Yawn. (It frightens me how often I agree with Simon lately. I do write these in a notebook while they're singing.)

Will - He does like cheesy but nostalgic songs from before he was born, doesn't he? Kenny Rogers - Lady. Huh. I usually cringe when they sing dead slow ballads, but that was actually a good showcase for his voice. I forgot he had pipes. Yikes. Will's going to be filing sexual harrassment charges in the morning. Down, Ryan. Down.

Bucky - Garth - Thunder Rolls. I want to hear him do something not country, because I really, genuinely *love* his voice. Very nice. Good choice for him. I'd love to hear him do something a little more neutral. Bad Company or Clapton or... god, even the Eagles.

David - Nice dorky story about the phone cord belt. Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight. Eh. It's a little much for him. He just looks nervous. He keeps really getting in the zone but then slipping back into the nervousness and wrecking it. Nice if he did Bobby Darin's More.

Chris - Fuel - Hemorrhage. Man, even Chris isn't reaching me tonight. It's cool and awesome and rockin' and his voice blows me away and I'm just not feeling it at all.

Randy works with Chris Cornell? I think I might have just developed a tiny amount of respect for him.

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Boys on the Side

By Michele

Yay, it's boys night. These guys have TONS more personality than the girls. Maybe I won't fall asleep during the show tonight.

Taylor up first.

Ok,this is funny because I'm comparing his version to the Faith No More version because it's the one I always listen to.
He's ok tonight, I don't think it's his best performance, but I liked it. He's really got a great voice.

Elliot up.

I just love his voice. It's so smooth. That was really nice. Simon is going to hate it and call it karaoke.

Ok I'm wrong. Simon actually liked him.

Ace up.

Oh jesus. This is so boy band.

Holy fuck. What was that? Does he need an exorcism?

I totally loathed this performance.

Gedeon up.

I missed most of that but what I heard was very nice.

Kevin, my homeboy, up.

Weird song choice for his voice.

NOT a good song choice. Does nothing to show off his voice. It was a fun performance from him, but not his best effort.

Sway up.

I'm not a big Sway fan, but this is pretty nice.

Again, as with the girls last night, no one is really bringing it.

The judges are blah about him but honestly, this whole night has been blah so far. I'm depending on Chris to come through for me.

Wil up. Can you hear my daughter squealing from there?

His voice is much older than he is.

That was......interesting. I actually thought it was a bit boring.

Bucky up.

Well, at least someone sounds like they are putting a little oomph into it.

I liked it.

David up.

Ugh. Another crooning ballad. DO ANY OF THESE GUYS HAVE BALLS? Is anyone gonna see something with guts?

I officially can't stand David. He is deadly DULL. Go be young and do something adventurous.

Chris is doing a Fuel song. Awesome.

Oh I love this song. Please do it good, please.

YES. I love him. He is BRINGING it. He is the guy with the guts. WOOOO!

Fuck, yeah. That was awesome. He is the only one who showed some heart tonight.

I think Randy wants to hump him.

Chris is going to win this thing.

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