May 23, 2006


By Stacy

SUCKIT, KATHERINE!!!! Let's go, let's go....

Ok, I like that song, but...but. She's totally doing that one to try and compete with Taylor.

Love the shiny Taylor shoes. He owns the crowd...every week he owns that crowd like no one else.

Great, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" again? Do they have enough sponges for the stage after that?

Taylor's "Levon"....I have never liked this song...but when he sings it I seriously get chills. Good choice to remind everyone he's not just a party singer, he's a SINGER.

Anyone get the feeling the judges comments are completely scripted. Grump.

Katherine's first single - That was really jaw-droppingly bad. Really.

Oh yeah, Taylor shoots, he scores.




Posted by: *Lisa* at May 25, 2006 12:36 AM