May 25, 2005

And so we draw the final curtain

By Robyn

I'm going to go against the other two predictions posted thus far (1, 2) and go with.....Bo.

Why, you might ask? Especially when the other two Idol Tongues posters make such valid points...

The reason is simple. Simon, even though having pegged her as the winner in just about every television interview since AI's Season 4 started, doesn't like country music. At all. He's made that abundantly clear over the years. And if Carrie wins, he'll be hearing a lot of it on his dime. Granted, he doesn't seem to know much about Southern Rock either... But originality or cookie-cutter mold? Maybe this is the one time we'll see the music industry buck the trend and start a new one.

Or maybe not. Either way, I don't lose personally. My Idol Successinator pick wins, or a fellow Oklahoman and Sooner fan wins. Ob la di. Ob la da.



I'm standing with you tonite, my hippie sistah!

Posted by: Faith at May 25, 2005 07:24 PM

[This comment has been edited because I am a social retard.]

Posted by: lilwhinyass at May 26, 2005 02:17 AM