May 10, 2005

Short N Sweet

By Stacy

Just to give you somewhere besides Michele's post to yam yer yammerings...

Carrie - Suits her voice, but Xst what an asstastic song. Perfect example of why I despise most country music.

Bo - "Laconic" would be a kind description. Tritt's range is similar to his, so a good choice, pitch-wise, but just too laid back to be inspiring.

Vonzell - Jeez louise, you know, controlling your crap onstage is part of the deal, sweetie.

Anthony - I can't frigging listen to this faux-crooner bullshit anymore, and I'm rapidly getting to the point where I can't stand to watch him moue at the bloody camera anymore either. Grr.

Carrie - The arranger is partly to blame, yes...they tried to country-fy it for her, I think, even though she's proven herself more than capable of singing other than country freaking music.

Bo - Oh, the hotness. Growly voice, fiiine sunglasses, SANDALS with a frigging suit...I bow in utter respect. Very, very nicely done. And dig how long the audience applauded.

Vonzell - I love that song more than 99% of the other songs that exist...and she didn't suck. You could tell some of the fire was missing though. Hope we eventually get the story on that.

Anthony - Creep. Go away.



Man, Bo was smoking hot last night. I don't even like guys in sandals, but he could have been wearing clogs for all I care. He looked and sounded like a star.

Posted by: michele at May 11, 2005 05:38 AM