April 27, 2005

Aiiiight Now, Let's Keep It REAL

By Faith

I'm at my parents house in good ol FLA, and I had to physically kick my dad off of his own computer in order to post my predictions for this evening. That must mean this is important. Or something.

I have to admit I missed Carrie last night, I was too busy watching the monster truck freestyle finals with my nephew. I suspect that was a better use of my time. Go Gravedigger!!!! Oh wait, wrong subject, sorry.

OK, AI, right. Um, if there is any justice in the world the bottom three will be be Scott, Anthony and Constantine the Smarmy. There is, however, no justice in the world and the majority of AI voters just don't, well, have very good taste.

For real prediction: bottom three Scott, Anthony, Vonzell. Sayonara Anthony.