March 30, 2005

10. 10. 10. 10. For everything... everything...

By Robyn

I'm the last to update with my predictions today since a certain 13-month old seems to think he's the next American Idol around here...

Last night blew more chunks than I have with morning sickness as of late. Horrible. Terrible. Total waste of my time, and thank the heavens for TiVo's FF feature!

Anwar had been my pick to win it all, but that's gonna change. Each week his performances are less and less stellar and it's going to take moving me to tears (which isn't hard with all these hormones) to bring me back into his camp. For now, I guess I'm switching Successinator loyalties over to Bo -- although he far from "wow'ed" me last night as well.

As for my bottom three tonight? Anthony Fedorov, Scott Savol and Anwar Robinson. (If Anwar insisted on crooning an R. Kelly tune, he could at least have picked a Chappelle-ized version!) And I guess I'm throwing my batteries in Fedorov's basket, hoping I can update my Failinator pick two weeks in a row.