March 24, 2005

We'll pray. We'll pray. We'll pray for the last time.

By Robyn

Last week, I wished for Mikalah Gordon to be served with walking papers, knowing full-well that it wouldn't happen (so my actual pick was correct).

This week, Mikalah dodged a bullet once...if the rumors are having the votes that eliminated her Tuesday night deemed null and void due to "graphical errors" with the telephone voting numbers displayed on screen. Can she miss an inevitable lightning strike twice?

From For the first time ever, Simon looked scared of a contestant. And rightly so. Mikalah is reminiscent of a girlfriend who goes psycho after her boyfriend breaks up with her. They’re going to need a straightjacket to get Mikalah off the stage this week because the nut job won’t even understand how or why she could be voted off the show.

Assuming the producers of the show are able to keep the second round of phone voting this week legit, I'm grabbing the popcorn and picking Mikalah. Bring on the pig's blood!