May 24, 2006


By Michele

So here we are. End of the road. Final night. Etc., etc.

Who is going to storm the Fox headquarters if Katherine wins?

Fucking Meatloaf? Just kill me now.

I am done with this show. Meatloaf has pushed me over the limit of what I can take without breaking.


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May 23, 2006


By Stacy

SUCKIT, KATHERINE!!!! Let's go, let's go....

Ok, I like that song, but...but. She's totally doing that one to try and compete with Taylor.

Love the shiny Taylor shoes. He owns the crowd...every week he owns that crowd like no one else.

Great, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" again? Do they have enough sponges for the stage after that?

Taylor's "Levon"....I have never liked this song...but when he sings it I seriously get chills. Good choice to remind everyone he's not just a party singer, he's a SINGER.

Anyone get the feeling the judges comments are completely scripted. Grump.

Katherine's first single - That was really jaw-droppingly bad. Really.

Oh yeah, Taylor shoots, he scores.

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Final Two

By Michele

Yea, I keep forgetting to do this, so I'm doing it early tonight.

May Katherine come down with a case of laryngitis sometime in the next fifteen minutes.

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May 16, 2006

It's Almost the Finals (5/16)

By Faith

Here we go guys -- three left! Oh, and left the ass-licking of Clive begin.

Clive picks Open Arms for Elliot. Well that was a non-event.

Katherine -- I Believe I Can Fly -- ugh, I'm not looking foward to this. OK, it's not so bad as I imagined, but I still hate her.

And for Taylor, Clive picks Dancing In The Dark -- this should be good if he's on his game. Good for Taylor, light fun, appealing.

Paula chooses What You Won't Do For Love for Elliot. Must confess I don't think I know this one, but here goes. Ok, I do know this song. He's really good, but seriously there's no spark for me with him -- I really want to like him, really I do, but I just can't find that connection.

Simon picks Somewhere Over the Rainbow for Katherine?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? Ugh -- I hate to say it was so good, but it was. Still, I can't like her.

Randy's pick for Taylor -- You Are So Beautiful -- OK Taylor, this is what I've been waiting all season to hear from you -- please do it! Yes yes yes yes - that was finally it.

Last of the night. Elliot picks Ray Charles, I Believe To My Soul. Again, s'ok, wish I could connect with him more. I have a feeling he's going this week.

Katherine picks I Ain't Got Nothin But The Blues -- another obscure pick. And not all that good.

And finally, Taylor sings. Try A Little Tenderness. Yes. Yes. This has to be good. Yes, he so nailed this.

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May 11, 2006

Daughtry's New Band

By Stacy

Rumor has it that Chris Daughtry will receive an on-air invitation to front a "famous" band on the tv show EXTRA tonight.

(May 11, 11:00AM ET) -- Chris Daughtry will get an offer tonight to front a famous band. It will unfold on the television show 'EXTRA.'

Members of the band will appear on the 'EXTRA' set to make the offer.

Any guesses?

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May 10, 2006


By Michele

An Elimination post at 2 in the afternoon?

Well I might not be home tonight, so better earlier than never. I screwed up last week and we just won't have that again.

Feel free to make your predictions. As you can see from the sidebar, I am wishing Katherine to the cornfields.

Can I just say, America, you SUCK.

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Shiver-free, even

By Stacy

Soooo, last night's performances...

Taylor was excellent, as always. Notice that no other performer excites the audience like he does? No spontaneous cheering when they're performing.

Chris was...dull. There remains no emotion in his performances. At least with the sunglasses we couldn't see his deer-in-the-headlights eyes.

Eliot was good enough, I think, to survive one more week. I like his voice, because it does not sound like every other voice out there *cough*Chris, but he's somewhat lacking in...presence, I guess.

Katherine has just really caused me to completely lose interest. As lovely as she is, and as excellent a voice as she has...that girl needs serious performance help. She doesn't so much "emote" during her ballads, as spooge all over the stage, and I, for one, am weary of it.

All in all it was a no-goosebump night, so the elim should be interesting. has Taylor in the lead, and either Chris or Katherine going home tonight. I pick Katherine.

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May 09, 2006


By Michele

Good evening and welcome to Elvis night.

This could be interesting. If anyone does In the Ghetto, I am going to put a rock through the tv.

I'd love to see Taylor get down with some hunka hunka burnin' love!


Somebody get me a rock, stat!

You know what kids? Elliot deserves to win this. Big time.

Elvis isn't dead. He's out looking for Katherin so he can kill her.

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