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April 14, 2005

This Day in Yankee History

1955 Elston Howard, who will be named the American League's MVP in 1963, becomes the first black to play for the Yankees. The former Monarchs' catcher will appear in nine All-Star Games and 54 World Series games, compiling a .274 batting average during his 12-year playing career.
Besides being the first black Yankee player (and coach), Ellie was the first black player to win the AL MVP award. Here's an interesting one:
1967 At Yankee Stadium in the home opener, 21-year old southpaw Billy Rohr is one out from pitching a no-hitter in his major league debut when Elston Howard singles on a 3-2 pitch ruining the rookie's shot at immortality. Although his beloved Red Sox win 3-0, a heartbroken six year-old fan, John-John, sitting near the Boston dugout has to be consoled by his mother, Jackie Kennedy.
And here's one that'll never happen again:
2004 In the game played after teammate Mike Mussina earns his 200th career victory, Kevin Brown, who was obtained from the Dodgers for Jeff Weaver and two minor-leaguers in an off-season trade, reaches the same plateau beating the Devil Rays, 5-1. It is the first time in baseball history members of the same pitching staff have won their 200th career victory in consecutive starts.
TC runs off to wash hands of Kevin Brown/Jeff Weaver stench....

Posted by TC at April 14, 2005 08:45 AM

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You missed one:

19?? - After the Yankees start the season with a 2-5 record Billy Martin sets the batting order by having Reggie Jackson draw names out of a hat.

No woder George kept firing him.

Posted by: (MF)NYHLLRSF at April 14, 2005 09:30 PM


You're right...'77. They won six in a row with that lineup.

Believe it, that was the least of the things Billy did to drive Boss nutso.

Posted by: TC at April 15, 2005 08:11 AM