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April 15, 2005

The Incident

Look, we all know Boston is a city of provincial mopes, and this incident just serves to add the title of "hapless cowards" to at least a portion of the population. How anyone can look at that tape and not see that the guy was clearly taking a swipe at Sheff is beyond reason. If you watch, you'll also notice that another of Bean Town's finest tosses his beer at Sheffield the minute he notices that everyone's attention is directed elsewhere. Pathetic.

I'm sure there was a time when Boston made a positive contribution to the union, but it truly has fallen on hard times. Home of dead industries, crooked politicians, dubious war heros and cowardly fans, I think it's time some of the Red Sox faithful take a good look at the train wreck their city has become. I'm all for rivalries but it is important that your rival be worthy. Boston as a city is not, lets hope that at the very least the team and it's fans don't go the same familiar path.


The red sox and its fans have a very swelled head from the first world series they won in 86 years. Yeah, great guys... when you win 27, then you can gloat. So you have two jackasses that are the center of the "incident". The one who hit Sheffield and the one who threw beer on him. Of course two broads who said they witnessed the whole thing claim that the guy didn't hit Sheffield, he was reaching for the ball. Check out the video again. When it first happened, I said "maybe it was accidental" but after viewing it several times over, the jackass did indeed hit Sheffield intentionally and the other guy threw beer intentionally. Those two plus the two lying women should be locked up for a week. Idiots. Thanks to the Red Sox though for defending Sheffield totally. Screw Francona for going against them.

Posted by Sherard at April 15, 2005 09:52 AM

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Tracked on July 2, 2005 07:05 PM


Two jackasses does not a city make, so fuck you and your Boston- bashing chrissy. As far as "clearly taking a swipe" I find it interesting that Shitfield can't even seem to figure out where he was hit, seeing how his story has gone from "busted lip" to "cheek" to "I think he hit me". I'm not defending the fan, because he was clearly in the wrong, but your one-sided take on the series of events seriously lacks in any formulation of intelligent thought. Did you get you lollipop stolen on your last trip to the Hub or something? Your rant is clearly not that of someone looking objectively at the actions on the field, but rather of a bitter, spiteful MFY fan who can't get over the fact that he roots for a bunch of chokers. You want to get up on a soapbox, lets see you set it up in Quincy Market you bullshit coward. And if you think that for one second that the MFY fans in the same location at the stadium wouldn't have done the same or worse, you're even more of an absolute moron than you've already made yourself out to be.

Posted by: The Curse of Big Papi at April 15, 2005 12:33 PM


Posted by: TC at April 15, 2005 12:44 PM

Dear Mr. Curse,

How is it you are able to type, while simultaneously wringing your grubby, tannery stained hands in the constant fret over the imminent collapse of that collection of mopes you call a team?

Just wondering.

Posted by: Pursuit at April 15, 2005 01:30 PM

Just when rival fans start talking in an intelligent way, some assclown somehow manages to bash an entire city he's probably never been too.. he's probably just pissed he lives in a shitty roach & rat infested, cramped one room $3000/mnth apartment in the city trying to watch the game on his shitty black and white TV while his Haitian neighbors blast salsa music through the paper thin walls.... ahhhh life in good old NYC!

Posted by: Ric at April 15, 2005 01:37 PM

FYI, Haitians would be listening to reggae, or Soca. Salsa's more a Latino thing

Now that that's out of the way, proceed with the flogging.

Posted by: TC at April 15, 2005 02:01 PM


Are you intentionally confirming my admittedly exaggerated depiction of Bean town as a bunch of angry, humorless, throw backs?


Are we not allowed to insult each other here in the name of fun? I mean it's not like I physically attacked a member or fan of the opposing team. I await you etiquette instructions.

Posted by: Pursuit at April 15, 2005 02:13 PM

I'm defending my loveable city in a humorous way while simutaneously pointing out the sometimes less than enviable living conditions in "the city that never sleeps".....

Posted by: Ric at April 15, 2005 02:26 PM

"the imminent collapse of that collection of mopes you call a team"

I cannot respond to that, because you obviously did not watch last year's ALCS and therefore would have no idea what I was talking about.

You forgot to type 1918! though.

Posted by: The Curse of Big Papi at April 15, 2005 02:57 PM

Pursuit: The whole town didn't act like an asshole, just a couple of mooks. Most of the stuff I've seen coming from RSNheads has been tearing them apart for pulling that crap. Michele's got a link over at ASV from an eyewitness; check it out. This ugliness isn't an "us/them" thing, it's a "fan/fuckhead" thing.

Ric: That description of yours is only applicable to Manhattan, borough of the preening dumbass. Lay off the broad brush or all bets are off and I'll start hurling "Big Dig" shit in your direction. (I'm a Staten Island guy and hate-hate! being lumped in with those bastards.)

Posted by: TC at April 15, 2005 03:01 PM

Maybe you should stick to focusing your time on writing two page articles of the Michael Jackson trial and posting pictures of shirtless men and leave the baseball talk to the men (and women- sorry Angel, Shelly).

Posted by: The Curse of Big Papi at April 15, 2005 03:05 PM

well, I guess a win is a win regardless of how it's served to me....

Posted by: Ric at April 15, 2005 04:33 PM


I know, I was just baiting you for more, but I will say, well done. The question is, can you keep it going for a full season, or like your team will you whither with summer's heat?

Mr. Curse,

Good yuks! I'll take visitors any way I can get them, and I'm glad you stopped by. Last year's ACLS notwithstanding, your team's collapse is imminent, and then my friend, oh yes then, the revenge will be sweet.


Geez, lighten up dude. Obviously the whole town didn't act badly and it turns out they may actually be acting decently. Um, so what? My goodness man, what fun is a rivalry if we can't trade slanderous accusations about each other once in a while. We're all adults here, well maybe not Mr. Curse, we can have some fun and then go for a virtual beer at the end of the season. Lets face it, until our boys get it together, it's all we have at the moment.

Now, I know you've got it in you, let loose!

Posted by: Pursuit at April 15, 2005 05:03 PM

Sorry, Pursuit, but this morning I got a phone call and found out a friend of mine managed to get himself killed by driving drunk and I am in no fucking mood to lighten up until they find the asshole's body so I can kick his goddamn ass. I'm whacking anyone and anything that jangles my nerves today while I try to figure out how to break the news to my wife when she gets home from work tonight.

It isn't even him getting killed that's enraged me, it's that he took some other guy with him, and the saner of his mutant damlations.

Posted by: TC at April 15, 2005 06:00 PM


I am profoundly sorry for your loss. It certainly underscores how fleeting life can be, and how important it is to enjoy the time we have here.

You and your loved ones are in my prayers.

Posted by: Pursuit at April 15, 2005 06:23 PM

Thanks for the thought. I'm still gonna beat the bejeezus out of the dumb Kraut's corpse.

Posted by: TC at April 16, 2005 05:51 AM

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