October 28, 2004

camera challenge: 6-8

See camera challenge here. I decided to post them in pop-up images instead. Mbruce wanted Halloween decorations. This is one of the many lighted skulls lining the front yard shrubbery. (Shrubbery!) View image Trish wanted the contents of my fridge. I'm giving her the top shelf. See the mayonaise jar? It says "KEEP AWAY NATALIE. NO TUNA!" I'm sure you can figure out what led to that. View image Mike asked for my favorite CD, but I give you a whole row of them instead (though I will do that specifically for you, Mike, eventually). Not a very artistic shot, just showing you what's there. View image

October 27, 2004

camera challenge:4-5

[click images for larger size]. See here for reference. Cooper asked for photos of what makes where I live home. I took this photo (I'll take more on this subject, as it's open to a lot of interpretation) with that in mind. This is the small Episcopal church a few blocks from my house. When I'm driving home from work, I eventually hit that place on Hempstead Turnpike where I can turn off and soar down the side streets all the way home, avoiding more than a few traffic lights and a lot of bad drivers. When I turn down Fifth Street, I always look for the steeple in the sky. It's a marker of sorts, one that at the same time signals I'm almost home and reminds me of a long ago life in which I lived on Fifth Street.

This next one is for Keiran, who asked for someone or something hopelessly out of place. I think this pirate (my nephew) certainly fits the bill. He's in the yard of the church pictured above. Do pirates go to church? I doubt it. Check out the seriousness on his face. When he's Jack Sparrow, he's really Jack Sparrow.

Ask him what his name is and he'll point his finger at you and say "Jack. Jack Sparrow. Savvy?"

camera challenge?

I haven't yet looked to see if this photo I took as I was driving last night would fit any of the camera challenge suggestions, but I thought that it seemed, in some way, an appropriate way to start the day. [click for bigger]

October 26, 2004

camera challenge: 1-3

My first few shots for the camera challenge. I'll try to get to them all by the end of the week and then I'll stuff them all in the gallery. Still taking suggestion. For those who wanted fall foliage (I'll probably do more of these, I can't resist taking pictures of foliage). These were all taken through my car window as I was driving (or stopped at a traffic light), so they're not great shots, technical-wise, but they serve the purpose. And for John, who wanted a picture depicting the fragility of life: Click for larger images.

October 24, 2004

camera challenge

So I have this lovely $700 digital camera (I imagine the price has gone down a bit since I purchased mine) that I'm using mostly to take way too many shots of my nephew (both my kids tend to run from the camera). I try to take some artsy shots but, much like my forays into Legos(r) and Play-Doh(r), I have the will and the equipment, but my grand ideas seem to fall flat. Or get hair in them. There are few things in this world that freak me out more than hair in play-doh. Anyhow, I had this idea. Well, it was actually his idea, which he glommed off of someone else. Is glom really a word? Hey, it is! Here's how Mike did it: bq. Think of 3 pictures you’d like to see. Leave whatever you’d like to see in the comments. Things around my house, or whatever… something I can take a picture of easily. Once I have enough requests, I’ll start posting them. If I can’t, or won’t, take a picture of something you’ve requested, I’ll let you know. That's a good start, but I'd like to open it up a bit. While I'm sure there are some folks out there who are just dying to know what my desk looks like - and I will entertain those requests - I'd also like some challenges. I think I'm pretty good with the camera (see, here), so send me out on a mission that can get my camera creativity going again. It can be anything from "take a picture of something blue" to errr..whatever your inclination may be. There are somet things I'll draw the line at, and I think you can figure that out. There will be no nekkie Michele pictures. Ever. So take a combination of Mike's meme above and what I just wrote and give it your best shot, so I can give you my best shots and start making good use of the camera (and my amatuer photographer's eye) again. Use the comments to post your requests, challenges and whatnot. Whatnot is a really good word, isn't it? Right up there with glom. Hey, if you have a digital camera, join the fun. Update: I humbly request that you give me until the end of the week to take all the pictures. I'll put them up in the gallery when I'm done.