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f.t.t.w: side notes

Just a couple of notes:

  • The Misfits post has been updated, so come on down there and have some fun with that.
  • I've been getting a lot of suggestions for car posts, as well as album review ideas, so feel free to throw a suggestion out, they are always welcome.
  • All recent content (cars, underground, reviews, lists) is now in the sidebar. Also, any songs used in entries here are available on the sidebar
  • We're working our best punk albums of the 90's thing, so if you want to throw your two cents in with suggestions, feel free
  • Just want to throw out a quick thank you to those who have stuck around to read this new, improved incarnation of this site. This is the most fun I've ever had blogging. And thanks to those who have thrown some links this way as we try to bring in a whole different set of readers. And thank you always to the turtle, who was the one who inspired me to get the site going again and (in my opinion) whose stories are the best part of this thing.
  • You'll notice that the "a small victory" part of the title of this site is gone from both the header and the logo. We'll be moving everything over to a new URL eventually. So this site is now called Faster Than the World.

It's called moving on. And it's good.

And just because all the posts here have songs, here is one that I've been listening to on repeat all day. It's some kick ass rock and roll.

Rockety From the Crypt - Salt Future



It's been great watching the blog evolve from one thing to another over the past few years - I thank you for always being interesting and for exposing me to Turbonegro.

Let's see where it goes next.


Hey, if we turned someone on to Turbonegro, our work here is done. The rest is just icing.

rancid - out came the wolves
boucing souls - how i spent my summer vacation
rftc - rftc

rancid - out came the wolves
boucing souls - how i spent my summer vacation
rftc - rftc

some top punk album suggestions.

Digging it.

Looking forward to a Pontiac G.T.O. story...

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