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word to your mother

Songs to serenade your mother by. Or not.

Suicidal Tendencies - I Saw Your Mommy
Metallica - Am I Evil
Stephen Lynch - Mother's Day Song
Danzig - Mother
Pink Floyd - Mother
Guttermouth - Lucky Donkey
Bloodhound Gang _ Mama's Boy
South Park - Kyle's Mom is a Bitch
LL Cool J - Momma Said Knock You Out
Misfits - Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
Manic Hispanic - Mommy's Little Cholo
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster

I apologize in advance for those who listen to the Guttermouth selection expecting a nice Mother's Day song. Though I can't say any of these are really standard Mother's Day fare.

And I just want to say thank you to my mother for giving me my passion for horror movies and Pink Floyd. My previous Mother's Day musings are here.

And now a few words on Mother's Day from the turtle (yes this has become a two person blog)
It's Mothers' Day. Yeah, thats right, the day you get invited to your parents house for a lunch or a dinner. Maybe a brunch. I'm not sure. But it's the day you wonder why your mom has left five messages on your voice mail. The day you wander around in Wendy's wondering why it is empty. I mean. I know tv is boring on a Sunday, but this day is out of control. Waking up to the voice of your father on the phone asking where you are and you having to ask him "why?" is kind of a shitty feeling.

This is the funny thing. When I started getting closer to my family and wanting to make them happy to have me around something happened. Something beautiful and special. You plan everything around this day to make her smile to make up for all the times you made her cry. And when the day finally comes, you find out she's on a plane to visit your brother and sister in law and their new baby. And while you are disappointed that you cant have her laugh at your jokes, you know she is making someone else very happy - a new mother.

Happy Mother's Day, mom
Happy Mother's Day, sis
And most important, Happy Mother's Day, Michele
You guys earned it.

Thank you.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, as well as you motherfuckers, the lucky donkey included.


Happy Mother's Day indeed!

Thanks big T.

Happy mothers day Michele. :)

Happy Mother's Day, Michele!

Happy Mother's Day, Michele, but how could you forget Queen's Tie Your Mother Down on your list?

How could you forget Genesis' "Mama?" A true classic in the genre.


Happy Mother's Day!

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