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comfort shoes

We interupt the muscle car and punk rock show to bring you the riveting news that I bought a new pair of Converse.

con1 con2 CON3 con4 con5
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What? Doesn't everyone take lovingly posed photos of their new footwear purchase?

This is always a monumentous occasion for me. The putting away of the old, run down, sole worn pair is a sad but necessary event. All good things must come to an end and eventually the thin soles of your Converse All-Stars will wear down to nothing and you'll be out in the rain and step in a puddle and realize it's time to retire your current pair of sneakers.

Yes, sneakers. I don't know what all you non-New York people call them, but we call them sneakers. I'm not going to have the sneaker/running shoes fight (who the hell really runs in Chucks anyhow?) nor am I gonna get into the Vans vs. Converse war because I will have to sit here and tell you that yea, I had Vans and they were a lovely snot green color and that snot green dye would run off an seep into my socks every time my feet sweat and, let me tell you, your feet will really sweat in Vans. That period of my life only lasted a few months. And I apologized at the altar of Chuck Taylor for several days until I felt my pennance for switching to Vans had been served.

I went and bought the new Converse last night. I felt a bit sad as I slipped off the old pair and stuffed them into the box, but the black cloud of sneaker death was lifted as soon as I slipped into the new shoes. Ah, bliss. I laced them up, walked around the store once, gazed admiringly at my feet in the mirror and marveled at the pure whiteness of the toe and edges and told the guy I'd not only take them, but I was wearing them out.

This is all I wear when I'm not at work and some days, like today, I even wear them to work. I'm not a shoe person. I'm like the opposite of Imelda Marcos. I live in sneakers, specifically this particular brand and style. It's what I've always worn and wearing them makes me feel comfortable and confident and bouncy, all those things your favorite shampoo or dew-scented tampon is supposed to do for you. Or the way grandma's pasta or a bowl of Haagen Daaz chocolate makes you feel. Some people have comfort food, I have comfort footwear.

Jeebus bless my Converse All-Stars.

This is the part of the blog where I usually add some appropriate songs, but I'm at work and can't upload, so here's some previous (non appropriate) choices for you. What songs would go with a post about shoes, anyhow?

H20 - Faster Than the World
Rocket From the Crypt - Salt Futures
MDC - My Family is a Little Weird


We here in the South call them "tenny shoes." Really.

Chucks RULE \m/

Especially the Big Hair's PINK HIGH HEEL fake Chucks!

My preferred name is "gym shoes" , maybe it's just a Chicago thing because I do get funny looks from the Californians, but then again they look at me odd most of the time anyway. My wife prefers the Ed Hardy hand painted slip ons, I calll them her cartoon gym shoes.

I just got a pair of black Chucks -- I'm so happy to be free of the Walmart specials that were the only things I could tolerate for a while. Yay Chucks!

Not to mention the bliss of new Chucks, when the virginal white laces lay flat, and the toes are not yet scuffed.

it's chucks or connies. they had a generic kind at "pay less" that had the same look but not chuck star on the side

notice the correct way to lace them

i hated the fake ones

In Texas we call them sneakers as well.

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