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tonight's hot car: guest edition

The lovely and talented Iohawk chimes in with an email that seems as if it were written in another language:

The '67-'69 "Coke bottle" Camaro. Designed by Bill Mitchell to be Chevy's Mustang killer. RS. SS. 302 Z-28. Yenko. Baldwin Motion 427. Mark Donahue. Grumpy Jenkins. King of the Saturday Nite Drags.

Ok, let's have a look.


Here's the deal, Hawk. I don't care about drag races or tracks or whatever James Dean activities you guys take part in. To me, cars are objects to be ogled, praised, stared at, fondled, admired and caressed. Much like Hooters girls. Or, if your tastes run younger, those Hot Dog on a Stick chicks. You ever see one of them? The ones that squeeze the oranges? I think they are myths and don't really exist except in the minds of perverted west coasters.

So does this car pass the ogle test? We will put aside the fact that it reminds me of some Canadian transplant I briefly dated in high school who had this ride and who broke my heart when he confessed that he didn't really like hockey and I'll say yea, it passes. It's got a nice body and looks like it could make a lot of noise when revved up right. Just the way I like them.

Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
GBH - High Octane Fuel
Hanson Brothers - The Hockey Song

Previous cars:

Previous cars:
70 Mustang Mach I
Ford Galaxie 500
74 Dodge Challenger
70 Chevelle and 72 Barracuda


"To me, cars are objects to be ogled, praised, stared at, fondled, admired and caressed. Much like Hooters girls."

Ya lost me there, Michele. My cars need something under the hood, my watches need real works inside, and my women MUST have a highly-tuned brain. They should come in an awesome package, too--but substance comes first.

Lest I be misunderstood, that era of Camaro clearly fits the bill! (Well, in most variations).

The "Heavy Chevy" was my favorite Hot Wheel!

Your automotive retrospective is fascinating. In particular, I remember the dramatic decline of the Mustang during the 70's (oil crisis, I guess).

However, I'm a bit older, and so this is the car I dreamed of one day owning (an exact image; the color, body style, etc. are identical). My grandparents, bless their hearts, inexplicably sold theirs in 1976 when I was still too poor to afford a second car (I was primarily into convertibles then), otherwise I'd have it wedged into the garage today. Hope the link works.

okay, now I'm pulling out my trump card: the Coupe of Justice. '31 Ford Model A, 389 Pontiac 3 deuce w/ rare vintage 1958 Saaty fuel injection setup. I found the body in a barn last spring, it'll be finished in 3-4 weeks.

Muscle cars are okay, but hot rods are the only cars that matter.

Mine was a 68...bought it as a flintstonemobile with a straight 6.

4 months of Major surgery and uncounted cases of mountain dew later...it had a small block 355 that was good for about 375 horses, a TH350 with extra clutches and steels feeding torque back to a severly overworked rearend with a posi that would snap your head against the transplanted 79 firebird buckets going into third gear as it slightly broke loose the big fat Mickey T's out back, and bring up the front end from it's slightly lowered rake, as it took off like a ROCKET.

Deep hunter green with blacked out trim.

Not a good snow day car, however!

I was just wondering the other day when we were going to see a classic Camaro show up in here. The angle of the pic does not do the body-style of the car justice. I always thought those old-school Camaro's were very cool looking cars.

Do you watch Overhaulin' on TLC? If not you should check it out. You would probably love it. The things Chip Foose does with those old cars is incredible beyond description. Check out the gallery


Now that you've posted about Camaros...

My grandmother bought a 1969 camaro new. When I was almost 16 my parents bought it from her for me. The day I turned 16 I drove it to get my driver's license. That was the first time I'd ever sat in the front seat of that car!

I loved that car. I loved that when I'd get pulled over the police would always be surprised to find a girl driving it! I loved sitting at red lights and having some dude think he was tougher and faster and then racing away when the light turned green. I loved that it was the one thing/place in the world that was all mine when I was younger.

It was the only car I drove until I was over 30. It was one that came with a vinyl top, so it was rusting and need restoring. I never had the money, but kept it up the best I could, until the back windshield shattered. It was too rusted around it to simply replace it.

Long story short, when it came time to move out of Texas I finally found a man who restores cars and sold her to him. I'll always miss that car, but I'm glad it's in good hands.

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