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scratch the crack and smell the fumes, dude

So I get an email from a long lost friend today: "When are you going to talk about Mustangs??"

I once had a Mustang. Unforunately, it was of the 77 variety, produced during a time when perhaps Ford thought Mustang was synomous with "looks like Dad's car!" I did love that thing, and driving a stick was one of the greatest autombile pleasure of my life, but it wasn't, you know, a Mustang.

Let's talk real Mustangs.


There ya go. This here is a 1970 Ford Mustang of the Mach I variety. Unlike the previous cars I've talked about - where I envisioned myself driving them - this one is pure testosterone. It's a guy's car. If cars were dicks, the Mach I one would belong to John Holmes. It's the kind of car I might not drive, but would keep in my driveway and spend every Saturday afternoon lovingly soaping it up and hosing it down while entertaining the neighborhood with Mach I worthy tunes.

Clawfinger - Biggest and the Best
Unsane - Alleged
Monster Magnet - Powertrip
Turbonegro - Ride With Us

In the denim buggies across the dunes,
Scratch the crack and smell the fumes dude, ride with us
If you wanna kill for inner peace, just do it, do it
If you wanna slay the bourgeois beast, ride with us
On and on, on and on and on and on
we're on a mission to destroy
we're on a mission to destroy

Previous cars:
Ford Galaxie 500
74 Dodge Challenger
70 Chevelle and 72 Barracuda


So a 77 Mustang is good enough for Starman to go from Wi to AZ but ? But????

gee thanks i had just gotten Mustang Sally out of my head (Where it had been riddling my brain with small holes for almost a week) and now its back.

Welcome back.

I just got a new Mustang GT convertible and it really reminds me of the old ones.
I used to love the Mustang. Then, they put out that abortion of a Mustang II. Ugh. The 80's-2003 Mustangs were okay, but I just didn't like them that much.
Then, the 2005 came out. Lust at first sight.
The 4.6 (283), 8 cyl engine is fantastic. 300hp and something like 320 ft-lbs of torque. It screams. The hardest part is keeping it below 100.

It even looks kind of like the one pictured. The American muscle car is back and it's bad.

Had a '66 Mustang. That 289 was a great motor, revved like a sewing machine and made great noises doing it.

Another car I shouldn't have sold...

I love Mustangs even more than I love Chevelles.

I had a buddy who had a '69 Mach I. While he was away in Basic Training, his parents had it completely restored for him. It was a screaming headturner of a car.

Ford quit making pretty Mustangs right after this era, the very, very early '70's. After about '72 they grew to about 30 feet long and looked like crap. Then they started getting smaller, and they even made a Mustang that looked like a baby Monte Carlo. Now finally, Ford has made a Mustang that is pretty.

Have you seen the remake of the GT40? It's being called the GT and is one beautiful piece of car.

Okay, after I commented, I checked the link for '77 Mustang, and I about pooped. It's the baby Monte Carlo! eeeeek!

Whoa. That's gorgeous.

ooh i first saw the GT in a commercial for them during ... what... i think it was the '04 superbowl. Now i have pictures of them all over my jam room . That's my car.

The Pinto-esque Mustang || was utter crap (as was any car built between '73 and '81), but not a complete waste. Junkyard MII front clip suspension assemblies are treasured for building street rods.

Michelle - I totally dig these muscle car posts, but you really have to stop posting pics of stockers. Stock muscle cars are for fat balding "collectors" with Kenny Rogers beards and Hawaiian shirts. Real mulletcars have airshocks and shackle extenders, Cragar S/S mags, traction bars, window stickers, and 6-tone primer paint jobs.

I grew up with a '67 Mustang, 289. It was a fun car until my mother blew it up (yeah, my mother!). The 289 had more oomph than I would have expected, but not enough for a 14-16 year-old boy. Also, it handled like shit because the stock suspension sucked and the power steering hod so much play, you could turn the wheel 45 degrees or so before any reaction from the front wheels. It was great on snow or ice, as I could pitch it sideways on the highway and maintain controlled slides for a quarter mile or more--easily.

Back then, I envied the guys with '67-69 Camaro SS's, with the 350 or 396 ci engines. Yeah, the 327's were pretty special, too.

Or El Caminos.

My high school had its share of 440 six-pack Mopars, too. They were all cool.

But by the time my mother killed the mustang, I had discovered curves and decided horsepower was only usable if it could shove you in the side of your seat in a 1g turn. At that point, I hacked off the mullet, donned some driving gloves, and pretended to be more sophisticated for a while in whatever foriegn sports cars I could afford.

Now I'm ready for a muscle car again.

I had a cream-colored '67 hard top, 6 cylinders, four on the floor. It was teh fast!

Iowahawk sent me.

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