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nintendo junkie

I've been sitting here all morning refreshing sites like Joystiq and Kotaku, waiting for the Nintendo presentation at E3 to get in gear.

I cancelled lunch plans in order to sit here online and wait for news and for transcripts and videos to be posted.

This is more exciting than that Christmas I thought I was getting a baby brother.

Yes, I know I have a problem.

Let's hope this doesn't end up as disappointing as that Christmas. Because EZ Bake Oven does not in any way, shape or form come close to baby brother.

Reggie takes the stage: "You came to LA this week to peek into the future, but if all you want is next generation you're in the wrong place. What we're unveiling is the next leap in gaming. It's no longer confined to just a few, it's about everyone. It's not about what you see because what you see isn't always what you get. The next leap is about playing because playing is believing"

I'm pretty sure that if I had a dick, I'd be sporting some wood right now.

Ok, I am not blogging any more about this. I'm going to geek out in private.

Update. So, I lied.



No baby brother for me. It's a motherfucking EZ Bake Oven all over again. No price, no launch date. That was all I wanted. Yea, the demos looked pretty good, the game list is awesome, I'm stoked for Zelda, but I said I wasn't going to be happy without those two specific things and damn it, I'm not happy.

I only console myself with the fact that Sony priced themselves out of the universe with that nearly $600 tag for the PS3. Look for the XBox 360 price to be low enough to say "Suck it" to the PS3.


I am unable to sit still waiting for this!

HA! You love Wii!

I was surfing madly through the links on that site but I do seem to remember a "rumored" pricing of $249.

I was just talking with someone about that and we both agreed that while they were saying 249, it's more likely going to be 199. Keep the price under 200 and make the money on the titles.

Early reviews seem to indicate good things - they've supposedly got 27 playable titles already.

I have no choice - I have to buy a gaming system that has an optional nunchuck attachment.

I don't know if Sony screwed themselves with the $500 and $600 prices. XBOX 360 came out 6 months ago and in the last month or 2 were you finally able to find one - retail - without a massive bundle for the suggested price of $500.

The PS3 will also come standard with a Blu-Ray drive while MS will be selling an external add-on HD-DVD drive. Lord knows how much they will charge for that.

$600? WTF!?! You might as well buy the danged PC for that much!

Seriously, one of the advantages of the game console has always been that it was cheaper than maintaining a PC just to play games. Now, it costs as much as a PC to play games.

Sheesh, bring on the wii.

I'm in the same boat as you, michele. I'm very pleased that Sony's got such a high price tag. It makes me especially happy because there are a couple of local gamers who've been telling me that the only reason the 1 year head start is a good thing for Microsoft is that they MIGHT be able to lower the price enough to get on par with the PS3 when it's released. Now, I intend to go rub it in their faces that Microsoft would have to lower the price by -200 to be in PS3's ballpark.

I'm also very disappointed in the lack of a definite date or a price for the Wii, but not as disappointed as I was in the name change. Not that I think Wii is as bad as people are saying; I just loved the name Revolution.

Sherard, did they raise the suggested price for the 360? Every premium pack without extras I've seen is $400, not $500.

bryan, As much as I love my PC games, you'd be hard pressed to build a system that plays most of them well for $600, I think. Consoles still have the advantage that when you go pick up a Nintendo Gamecube game, you know it's going to play as long as you've actually got a Gamecube. No worrying about the individual specs of your machine.

10 years ago I might not have been excited about Duck Hunt 2, but now...

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