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tonight's hot car

I stare at cars like this the way guys will stare at a chick with big tits. The lust in my heart when I spot a well groomed muscle car from the past borders on pornographic.

This here is a 1974 Dodge Challenger.

Make no mistake, I know very little about what lives inside the guts of a car. I couldn't tell a hemi from a semi. But give me a car that looks like this and I'll be making moves on it within seconds. I don't need to know what it's made of. I just need to know that it goes fast, roars loud and looks like the equivalent of a Victoria's Secret model in boy shorts and a black lace bra.

This car is almost menancing. Maybe that's what I like so much about it. Much like my fascination with Boba Fett or my love of any of Gary Oldman's bad ass charactes, my taste in cars I wish I had runs toward the dark side. If cars were movie villains, this Challenger would be Drexl Spivey.

Songs for a 74 Challenger:

Offspring - Bad Habit
Pennywise - Fuck Authority
RKL - Hangover
Slayer - Bittter Peace


Have you seen the Challenger concept car yet? Hopefully by the time my mid life crisis rolls around it will be in production. Here is a link:


Good to see ya back and bloggin'.

You were missed.

OMG!!! just saw on the Blogs4Bauer site that you are back!!!! yayayayayaya!!!!!!!
Well,gotta get ready to elope tomorrow with my favorite little Bostonian.
We need to find her a car ,so you have a karma thing going there !!!

We are on the lookout for a 69 Olds 442 convertible,this or a Delta 88 with the 455 ( yes, a jones for Olds in this house)

How could we forget the Sex Pistols cover of "Roadrunner"?

And let's add "Teenage Lobotomy", well, because everything goes better with The Ramones.

And as an aside, AMC is running "Ronin" this month. It's John Frankenheimer's last movie, and a great follow up to his classic "Grand Prix".

Some of the best car chase scenes EVER. And a good movie to boot.

A new category: Best Car Chase Movies:

1) Rendezvous (a 9 minute short of a Ferrari racing through the streets of Paris. Not technically a car chase, but riveting.
2) Ronin
3) Bullitt
4) Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
5) Gone in 60 Seconds (The Original, not the lame remake.
6) The French Connection

This here is a 1974 Dodge Challenger.

Oh, yes. Yes it is....

mrbandw et al,

challenger is a reality.


Car Chase Movies?

You forgot "To Live And Die In LA"

And the new Challenger is what I will buy when I sell my Mustang GT.

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