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music to drive muscle cars by

So it's spring and a woman's thoughts turn to....driving. Not just driving, but driving with the windows down and the sunroof open and the music blasting so loud you don't hear the siren behind you as the police officer desperately tries to get you to pull over. And when you finally see those lights in your rear view and you pull off to the shoulder and the nice cop asks you why in god's name you were going so fast you say something like "But officer, rock and roll made me do it!" and he gives a knowing nod and a soft warning that you really shouldn't do that again.

No, it doesn't happen that way. But it should. In an ideal world, all speed limits would be off on any day where it's sunny and above 72 degrees. And in an ideal world, I would be doing my fast music driving in one of these:


That's a 1970 Chevelle SS. Mine would be in black, but you get the idea. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate in automobiles. It's the car I've been dreaming about since I first got my license back in the dark ages, and the car I will some day own. Mark my words. That's not just any muscle car, kids. That is a piece of art. You know how some guys feel when they see a picture of some big breasted chick with her legs in the air and a "take me" look on her face? You know how some women feel when they see a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes on sale at Neiman Marcus? That's how I feel when I see this car. No, I don't want to fuck it, but I just might rub up against it in a sexual fashion, given the chance. Oh hell, if it had a dick, I'd fuck it.

Fortunately, my love of old muscle cars is shared by my new partner in life crimes (aka "the turtle") and he swears that some day we will be cruising down I-5 in California in this thing:


That would be a 1972 Barracuda. The kind of car where the guy driving wears a wife beater and has one tattooed arm out the window and his hair is slicked back and maybe there's plastic Jesus glued to the dashboard and the girl next to him has her seat back and her legs up on the dashboard and her hair is long and flying in the wind and there's music on the radio, something pure rock and roll, and they laugh as they hit the the Grapevine on I-5 because steep as that grade is, it's no match for your mean driving machine.

That's no dream (though it does sound like a Coop drawing waiting to happen). That's gonna happen. When we do hit that scene some day, we'll be doing it, of course, with the proper soundtrack.

H20 - Faster Than the World
REO Speedealer - Absinthe
Supersuckers - Evil Powers of Rock and Roll
New Bomb Turks - Dragstrip Riot
Clutch - Shogun Named Marcus
Rocket From the Crypt - Salt Futures

as always with these things, suggestions to add the playlist welcome


as long as we don't eat at del taco

everything will be fine

cool songs, michele

really cool

a 70 Chevelle?!

My own addition to this list i will actually email you.

but here are some-
Alcohol Funny Car- Alcohol Funny Car
Most earlier Deftones stuff (up to the White Pony album at least)

Man, the Toadies, of course. "Suck Magic " and "Little Sin" and "plane crash" and and and and ...

well hopefully someday i'll be right there cruisin with you in my '65 Malibu or '68 Charger

Best friend has a 72 Monte Carlo. In perfect original condition, for the most part. We're going to finish cleaning it up this summer. Have to post pictures.

White Zombie - Super-Charger Heaven
Deep Purple - Highway Star

Nice rides BUT

I had a few years of owning a dark gold, black racing stripes 72 Mustang Mach I, 350 Cleveland engine, dual carb, mag wheels...

wicked machine you could hear and identify a block away ...

:::sigh::: sold it when my daughters started getting their drivers' licenses.

oh I miss that car!

I love you, Michele. And I love Chevelles.

How's about:

1) California Sun, cover by The Ramones
2) 96 Tears, ? and the Mysterians
3) Brand New Cadillac, The Clash
4) Born To Run, Bruce
5) Jesus Built My Hotrod, Butthole Surfers

What Shawn said: Highway Star.

Best "put your foot to the floor" song, ever.


A Cuda w/o the Hemi and a Shaker?

Caffeine free Diet Coke!

Porsche ride anyone? (and email me to ask about my NEW toy, M)

I am with you on the 'cuda.

Mopar or no car.

My daily driver is a '72 Dodge Dart. However, if I had my choice, it would be a toss-up between a '66 Chrysler 300 and a '72 Challenger.

Those Challengers go with Black Sabbath records like peas and carrots, baby.

Well, from the Rev. Horton Heat catalog:
Like a Rocket (original or Daytona 500 mix)
Rev. Horton Heat's Big Blue Car
Galaxy 500
Suicide Doors
Big Red Rocket of Love
Rumble Strip
The Devil's Chasing Me
F'd Up Ford
Rockabilly Rebel
400 Bucks

Michele, you have impeccable taste in classic cars.

And sign me up for some White Zombie while going too fast.

I can say from experience that the '67 VW Squareback does not take The Grapevine nearly as well as any number of muscle cars.

My college roommate had a 72 'cuda. I loved that car so much, but it never really fit in with the BMW proto-yuppie wannabes that attended our college. I'd love to have one myself even if the gas bills would drive me to the poorhouse.

Count my in for the Challenger. As for songs I start with Radar Love by Golden Earing, and anything by AC/DC.

Oh, and it's great to have you back at this site.

Deacon beat me to Radar Love, and don't forget Free Ride by Edgar Winter.

As for the car, I'd settle for the '67 Mustang I learned to drive in. Yeah, those songs were coming out of the 8-track player when I got my learner's permit in 1974. And, while it couldn't compete with a 426 Hemi or 396 SS Chevelle, the little 289 had plenty of oomph to shoot up the Grapevine.

When I saw that Barracuda, I couldn't help from hearing "Barracuda" by the band formerly known as Heart.

But it's gotta be a Hemi with an original six-pack. (Ouch, babe...)

And I know it's too obvious, but anybody thinkin' about Steppanwolf about now?

Oh hell, if it had a dick, I'd fuck it.

That would be an act of autoeroticism.

And just who was it that built my hot rod?

Why Jesus Built My Hot Rod of course!

So I bought a 2005 GTO just to get a muscle car with a warranty. Just about as good....

When I'm in that mood, I open the windows, I crank up "Don't Get Fooled Again" by the Who, and push the little button that turns off the traction control.

My older brother and I had the two fastest cars at my rural Iowa high school.

Mine: '67 Le Mans. The stock 326 was replaced by a 421 Super Duty from a '65 GP, Tri Power w/ 3 Rochester GCs, solid lifters, fat Crower cam, Doug Thorley headers, Accel ingnition, Muncie M-22 Rock Crusher w/ a Hurst V-gate, 4:11 positrac.

My brother: '70 Chevelle SS with a cowl induction LS-5 454; stock except M/T 60 tires, headers and traction bars.

Absolutely no way I could keep up with that rat motored son of a bitch. It was an epic car.

Welcome back, BTW.


There wasn't a Hemi 6 pack. They ran dual quad Carter AFBs. You might be thinking of 440 or 340.

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