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While these weeds get deeper as I turn around

weeds8So when you are suffering for two weeks from weed and pollen related allergies and your eyes are red and full of crud and your head feels like their are gremlins inside pushing to get out and your teeth and sinuses and ears cheekbones ache so much you want to rip our own face off and your throat burns and scratches as if there are a thousand tap dancing insects wearing spiked heels doing a chorus line on your esophagus and you can't take any medication because, depending on the variety, you'll either end up in a hallucinatory coma or speeding like a freight train, both of which remind you just a bit too much of licking Grateful Dead stamps or snorting something that came in a black capsule back in eleventh grade and you really don't need that shit at this point in time so you just take the side effects of the allergies like a man, the last thing you should probably be doing is getting right up in the face of those nasty weeds in your backyard just so you can take a few photos of the little fuckers.

Sometimes stupidity wins out over common sense. It's what I do. I'm looking at some Sudafed and a hard coma right now.

rest of photos here

Life of Agony - Weeds (mp3)

If tomorrow never shows
I want you all to know
That I loved you all, you're beautifull
And I had myself a ball

I've wasted so much precious time
Been skating along these fine lines
Now these weeds have grown where the sun once shown
And my life has passed me by

And my life has passed me by
And I don't know why
I keep searching for something that I never found
While these weeds get deeper as I turn around
And time growns older and I've grown colder
So long has passed that I forgot to count

These weeds have grown where the sun once shown
And I can feel it

Today I cut off all the ties
Been led blind for all this time
But somewhere in between the lies
Are the hearts and minds of those who tried

And although I've heard your lies...

This space between us..


I'm with you. Dying up here!

Incredibly cool shot.

Good luck with the Sudafed and all. It's easier to get crack, now, from what I hear.

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