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sunday morning playlist/music

playlist will update every few minutes

Apparently, it will just randomly disappear at times, too. And sometimes it just stops working at all!

What are you listening to today?

Some selections for your listening enjoyment"

MDC - My Family is a Little Weird
Turbonegro - Ride With us


Nothing on the speakers here. Just enjoying some silence this morning. Later today, one of the bands i play in has practice, where we will play a couple of MElissa Etheridge songs, a Tom Petty song, an extremely awful Rascal Flatts song and a handful of others. After which i will go home and claw my eyes out. This is for a breast cancer benefit in July, and the organization has specifically asked us to play some of the schmalziest, slowest, crap.

Had The Best of the Del-Lords on the Ipod as I mowed the yard this morning.

Just discovered "36 Crazyfists". Got their 2002 CD "Bitterness the Star" from I-Tunes this morning and am currently playing it to death.

Have been in the yard also, with warring boomboxes: one has the Yankee game, the other is shuffling Dead Boys and Lords of the New Church.

I can only imagine what my recently moved in next door neighbor imagines is going down on the other side of the fence.

Bah! They rent. Who cares what they think.

What am I listening to today?

Clearly, the wrong stuff; much-better-half has turned oldest child into Country, which makes me ponder an ice pick to the ear drums...

Hurt - Johnny Cash
Fun For Me - Portishead & Moloko
Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits
Rocketship - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Only In Dreams - Weezer
King and Queen of Siam - Frank Blank
Lazy Flies - Beck

Most recently played. Damn it's nice to have you back.

Charlie? The minute you hear "Thank God I'm a County Boy" by John Denver... KILLING SPREE!

I'll admit this is a fairly unusual playlist, but we're finishing up a major project at work this week so I'm that way (also sleep deprived).

GNR - Think About You
Live - Pillar of Davidson
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You
Pearl Jam - Alive
Information Society - Mirrorshades