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excuse me, i have to go wee


My cries of Viva La Nintendo Revolution are no more. Word on the net is that the name of the new console is....wii.

While the code-name "Revolution" expressed our direction, Wii represents the answer.

Wii will break down that wall that separates video game players from everybody else.

And still more clarification:

Wii has a distinctive "ii" spelling that symbolizes both the unique controllers and the image of people gathering to play. ... And together Wii will change everything.

After all the good hype this game is getting, after all the arugments I've had with Xbox fanboys and PS lovers - arguments I've won, by the way - about how this console is going to be the greatest thing to happen to gaming, after all the great news about every aspect of the revolution - this is what we end up with. Was the marketing department smoking crack? Asleep? Filled with 13 yr old kids who had to pee? Nintendo has taken a huge step backward with this. Huge. This is the most asinine naming of an anticipated thing since The Phantom Menace.

Yea, the console will still be awesome. But come on, I just can't imagine a conversation in which I tell someone I'm going to hang out at home and play with my Nintendo wii.

Guaranteed the Xbox legion are lining up the piss/penis jokes already.


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Update: more ffrom ZDnet:

The idea behind the name--which is pronounced "we"--is that it will invoke the feeling of cooperative play that comes when people play games together. Further, Nintendo said, the written name is meant to visually conjure up the image of two people standing together. "The goal is we are a highly innovative company and we want the name to speak to that innovation and uniqueness," said Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs. "If you were to look at (the name of the controller) visually, the point isn't just how you pronounce it, but it symbolizes the controllers, which are one of the most innovative and unique parts of the system.

the written name is meant to visually conjure up the image of two people standing together.

Yea, standing in line at a glory hole on the New Jersey Turnpike, maybe.

Oh yea, I'm gonna get all Beavis on this wee-wee thing.

And thus far, my favorite headlines submitted to fark:

Nintendo Wii? Not to be outdone, Sony announces the GayStation 3


Nintendo, having almost won the upcoming game console primaries, pulls a Howard Dean at the last minute: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

"I played with my Wii all night long and boy is my arm tired" - Nintendo's new console named

They said it couldn't be done. Nintendo researchers invent console system name gayer than "DreamCast"

Nintendo Revolution renamed "Wii" rejecting the better title of Universally Fun Innovation Arcade

Nintendo tries to capture lucrative dolphin market with new name for Revolution

Nintendo, realizing it has lost the gaming console race, has joined france and surrendered. Wii Oui



Wii will, Wii will ROCK YOU!


We are the Knights who saaay...Wii!

In other news, SEGA has announced they are re-entering the hardware market with a new console named the SEGA Penisis.

Does Nintendo have any marketing people who aren't baked out of their minds? I mean, how could they think 'Wii' was better than codename 'Revolution'?

I'm guessing Nintendo stock tanks on this news. Wii isn't a gaming console; it's the sound of a ridiculously tiny power drill.

All right, I take it back: no precipitous stock market drop.

But only 'cause Nintendo's not publicly traded.

Ouch. That's just bad.

Why not combine the worst of Nintendo marketing with the horror of the current batch of DNC strategists?

"Together, Wii can do better."


And I'm a Democrat.

I think the appropriate response to this whole debacle is for Nintendo to COMPLETELY destroy the competition with the Wii.

It'd be like naming it the Nintendo Cocksmoker and then having it outsell the original NES. If it does that, Wii will become something bigger than anyone could anticipate.

It's not what you call your Wii, it's how it performs.


I actually don't mind the name too much. But I guess this rules out using this console in the Millenium Falcon.

Just wait. The GameBoy will soon be rebranded as the "Wii-nerMobile"

Sort of makes the Virtual Boy looks like a good idea by comparison