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Homme Again

Look for this place to kick back in full gear this week. However, it's going to be mostly music and gaming, so if that's your gig, great..if not, I have to say I really don't feel much like writing about anything else.

My new fixation is the Eagles of Death Metal, which is only natural given my obsession with QOTSA and anything Josh Homme related. Check out Cherry Cola, from their new release, Death By Sexy.

EoDM - Cherry Cola

You can check out my suggested listening for the week in the sidebar. I have to figure out how to get this MT media module thing to work.

Looking forward to getting back to putting real content here. Hope you gamers (especially those anticipating the Ninento Revolution like I am) and music geeks hang around. And if you have any music suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them.

Also, I haven't read a blog in ages. I'm not interested in war blogs, political blogs, news blogs or anything of the sort. I'm just looking for some fun reading. Right now, the only blogs on my list are Coop's and Dr. Frank's. So if you want to kick over some interesting reads, that would be awesome.

Hmm. This place needs a new design.


IIRC, you do appreciate prog metal- so you might want to check out Operation Mindcrime II. It's not the equal of Operation Mindcrime, but I don't any sane person could really expect it to be. It is Queensryche's best work since Empire though.

Eagles of Death Metal rule!

Have you played Kingdom Hearts 2 yet? I heard it's much improved over the first one but I'm still slogging through Chain of Memories, which I'm really starting to hate.

I haven't played it yet - I'm slogging through Oracle of Seasons right now - I have this mission to complete all the Zelda games I didn't finish before the new one comes out.

I still have Chain of Memories in the box - another game I have to get around to playing.

You're not on my list either.

Anyway, the kids are batty over Kingdom Hearts 2. I thought WWIII was going to hit when the daughter took the PS2 memory card to a sleepover and lost it... along with the son's saved game...

Welcome back, and thanks for the linkage!

Great music tips. Keep'em coming.

If you ever feel like a little vulgar slumming, throwingpoo.com could use a reader. Sorry for the commercial, but you asked.

im glad you are back. if you need any help, im here all the time

the nth is always open. Except when the bandwidth is somehow exceeded. Like it was. But isn't now.

Well, games are big at my house, too. Coming off of Spring Break and wall to wall games, having withdrawl here at work.

My BF just got Cubivore for me but I haven't dived into it yet. We love Lego Star Wars, Chibi Robo and Animal Crossing for the 'Cube ... I'll be getting into Xenosaga, Soul Caliber 2 and Shadow of the Colossus as soon as my finals are over this week. I love Love LOVE the Katamari series for the PS2 and am very disappointed the third is only for the PSP. I'm waiting for Okami coming out in September and OMFG, I need to get Spore when it comes out!

Oh, and alongside my regular blog, I'm one of the newest column writers over at GamerAndy.com (as soon as I finish my first column this afternoon) ... you would like the crowd over there. It's not your typical gaming site. Stop in and see us. ;-)

There's a game besides World of Warcraft? Sorry, I've been in an online gaming coma for a while and missed everything else.

'f you want some free crappy graphics for your new design, you know where to find me. Just sayin'.

Bah! I didn't want you reading my online nerd diary anyway. ;)

Music-wise, the new Lacuna Coil is growing on me..or at least the single is. They got better. Still listening to way too much Disturbed and I got into Riverside, a Polish prog-band that combines Pink Floyd with Anathema.

Games? If I have time, I sneak in a round on Links 2004. But between the 8.5-9.5 hours at work each day, 24, and postseason hockey, I don't have much time for anything else.

Hey, my blog is BORING, but I did have another baby since you left! AND I AM SO GLAD to see that you're back!!!!! Welcome back!

I'm with Scott.....

I haven't played anything but WoW, and I'm pretty sure there aren't other games out there anyway....it's all a myth.....an intervention.

What about sports?
Can you blog a about sports, or is that to much like politics?

C'mon, everyone loves sports!

My gaming credentials have been revoked, but I'm still down for the music geek stuff.

oh yeah, btw, go sabres!

Missed you!

Eeep! She's back! Yay!

About Kingdom Hearts...I beat the first, beat CoM, and am now working on the second. Don't expect much from the battles, although some of the boss battles require both creativity and speed, but the story is wonderful, the graphics great and, the mini-games are so much fun.

Now if only classes can let up long enough that I can play. Hmph.

i was kinda disappointed by this song! That's just me, though. Can't quite nail down why.

I've been hooked on Eagles of Death Metal since their first album. Good stuff. ;)