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GREAT shot!!

Is that a changeup?

I know this has nothing to do with the image on this page, but I happened to come across the article written about Katrina: the good, the bad and the ugly. It was a great read. I must say that its been what nearly 8 months since Katrina hit, and I am still haunted. I know alot of people got a bad image of my fellow comrades but one must remember there are..were, 2000 of us. A small handful made us look bad.
I am still around here in new orleans and I see the hurt, the pain, the sorrow in everyones eyes that was affected who come back. I have to fight back tears every day as we still find bodies in backyards that have become nothing more than a pile of bones. If any other officer says he is not like this, he is lying. I was deeply touched by the amount of help that was being offered to our citizens during all of this. The number of people who still today stop me and ask me if i would like some water or something to eat is amazing. Never in the history of new orleans, has anyone outside of the rich and elite, liked the cops. We were hated on most levels because of the few that made us look bad.
I wanted to let you all know that the after effects are still with most of us. As cops, some of us, including myself still have nightmares about the shooting, dead bodies floating and only being able to tie them to posts, the water...
One a personal level, I had a fellow comrade commit suicide feet from me and a number of other officers because he heard his wife died, later we found out he was misinformed. I had to tie a woman to a tree and when i pulled her to me there was a rope around her waist so i figured i would us that. Attached to the rope was an infant no older than 6 months, I cannot drive too much at night because I see branches and trees infront of me. Its not just me though. Alot of guys are going through the PTS. If you saw me on the street you would not even be able to tell this. We have been programmed to act like nothing bothers us but it does.

I am sorry for ranting but I just wanted to say thanks for seeing things arent always bad. When i saw the photos of people donating, and even kids as far away as NY helping out, it touched me. Even this long after the hurricane.
Take care and god bless you. You along with all others who supported and continue to support us are in my prayers.

Great form! You know, the Phillies could REALLY use some pitching help. hint hint