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a rorschach test

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Easy. Stuff in the container in the back of my fridge.

Dude, that's like saying "ink blots on a paper" when taking a real rorschach test. Boring!

A vast cloud of ennui and frozen dreams.

I think on first glance the (green bean?) was a lunging dragon and the clump of olives and (cheese?) in the foreground was some stereotypical hero warrior rearing back to strike. Then I got too distracted trying to figure out what foods it all used to be, so...

Solonor's right; it's ennui. Ennui and obsolescence.

I'm going to go with the status of the MSM, bloggosphere and speculative fiction market.

Mmmmm...green bean casserole with peniccilin!

Tasty AND good for what ails ya!

It looks like a sea monster. A sea monster that is hunting the great barrier olive.

Formidable creatures those barrier olives. Take a man's leg clean off.

It looks like the bottom of an aquarium to me.

This is what I brushed out of my bathing suit at the beach after tripping through someone's picnic while trying to catch a frisbee (Caught it!). I didn't really get a good look as they were kinda mad. Anyway, I really hope there was a picnic, otherwise...

My apologies in advance. Sometimes I forget how to act around decent people.

Easter candy vomit.

Dried easter candy vomit.

i'm also gonna go with acquarium gravel.

Iran launching a volley of nuclear-tipped Shahab-3 missiles.


Whoa! Those cocks are covered in mold!

thatstuff in the back of that fat kid's gym locker in high school...

"dude, I'll give you five bucks if you take a bite of that"

What is it?

Why its my new wallpaper on my PC!

Tom Cruise's brain...

It's what we call in our house a URO - Unidentified Rotting Object. It's really best not to know any more than that.

Looks like a broccoli spear to me. The big green thing anyway...maybe some cauliflower hiding in there too. It looks too similar to my refrigerator vegetable bin..