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some music

I am totally digging the new Pearl Jam song.

World Wide Suicide


I'd thought they'd died. Imagine my surprise on discovering that not only are they making new music, but music that actually sounds new.

Good driving at night music.

[troll rant deleted].

I agree with Keiran. But, that said, it's a great song to start the very last day of a crappy ass week.

Keirab - Ditto.

I like it. It has a little more emotion than the last couple of albums of crap they released.

If the rest of the album is half as good as that song, I'd consider it an improvement.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to hearing the new stuff, but then again I think I'm part of the small minority that loved the last one (the one before that had some great stuff as well, but also some stinkers).

Glad you're back Michele.

I'm with Ron [deleted] when it comes to Pearl Jam.

My, goodness.

Couldn't they have gone down quietly like all the rest of the Seattle bands. This is a slippery slope. Next thing you know, Alice in Chains is playing on the radio between Stone Temple Pilot songs. That's a decade I'd like to pretend never happened.

Glad to see your back, but advocating for those wankers is a crappy way to start. You can do the phoenix from the ashes routine and I'll read every word -- I can't say the same for Pearl Jam.

Not effin bad!

So glad tour back!!. You made my Friday nights!

Sorry about your situation. Hang in there girl. Wish I could help....

Sorry, not my bag.