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So i've gotten into 24 since I've been away.

Any of you into it? What's your theories? Are you as fascinated with Chloe as I am?

Enough about me. What are you guys watching these days? Listening to?

(yea, i'm still trying to figure out what i'm doing here, bear with me)

Update, re 24: can i get a HOLY SHIT!?


No, but I have gotten into "House" on Fox. Hugh Laurie kicks butt!

"The Office" on NBC has become a favorite TV program, although enough with the reruns already...

I also watch more TV via iTunes download than i do via, um, TV.

Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi - not just good Sci-Fi, it's damn good TV.

Yeppers, watching it now. The writers seemingly are trying to project the behavior that was attributed to Bush when the GWOT started (martial law, forming an empire, never leaving power, etc.) That's what i think, at least.

But it's on now.

I'm ashamed to admit what I've been watching lately (never was much of a TV guy).

Deadliest Catch (Because I used to do that)
Boston Legal (Because I do that in LA, and I have the mad cow)
American Idol (I play guitar to make the singer sound good)
American Inventor (Because it's whacked)
Apprentice (Because they make me think I'm smarter)
The Office (because I'm brain dead)
Top Chef (Because I'm a wannabe)
Earl (really, I'm brain dead)

Shhhh, we're only 12 minutes into 24 here right now.

Welcome back! I've missed your stories!

I haven't gotten up to speed on 24, I watch the reruns on A&E for the moment. Love "House", "Top Chef" (the 'I am God' attitude of a couple of them is hysterical), "Idol", "Bones".

I've missed music...working too much.

Being in Taji, Iraq, and not wanting to buy a TV tuner for my projector, I don't watch TV in real time....I watch DVDs, and right now I'm stuck on Lost (Season 1) and Stargate: SG-1. I want to pick up Battlestar some time soon.

Other than that I'm playing World of Warcraft for about an hour a night, via satellite. Ahhhhh, Satelllite internet is a wonderful thing.

It's American Idol for me. ;)

The Boy got me into Amazing Race and Apprentice -- not too terrible. And, of course, I'm stupidly suckered into Deal or No Deal. Yes, I know I"m going to hell.

what COD sez

BSG is about the best stuff on TV right now.

Argh...gotta wait until October for start of 3rd season.

How the writers can make this season more of a roller coaster than any before I have no idea. As for Chloe, the question every male 24 should ask themselves is "Would I sleep with her?" You know there has to be some pent up frustration there.

Lost. Found the torrent for season one, and got hooked. Sucks these days, waiting not only for the show to air in America, but for the torrent to load. Music? Totally old school -- hose rock ballads that can ony be shouted -- Scorpion, Europe, Cheap Trick and the like. I know - lame. Hopefully, this phase will end soon.

BSG - damned fine TV.

Sopranos. Never really watched it till last season - hooked now.

I'm not watching "24", although I know I should be. Nearly everyone I know tells me how great it is.

What I am watching:

Battlestar Galactica. I cannot wait for the new season to start.

Lost. I cannot wait for this season to get better.

Desperate Housewives. Yeah, I know. Shhhh.

House. I love me some Hugh Laurie.

Welcome back! I missed you.

Battlestar Galactica, Best show on TV.
The Office, Heh.
My name is Earl, Heh, Heh.
Good Eats, Science, Food and Pop Culture, It's foodie geektastic!

Good Eats is the shiznit. And all that food science makes you a kick-ass cook. Eventually.

She's back! WooHoo! All is right with the world.

Prison Break

Welcome Back! Still smoke free I hpoe.

Glad to have you back.

BSG, and Yankees Baseball (bought MLB Extra Innings this season even).

The Sopranos
Big Love (yay polygamy)
Prison Break (though the hiatus pissed me off to no end)
Lost (I actually like this season a lot)
Without a Trace (because it pisses off the nogoodniks at the AFA)

I like 24, but I can't seem to see it every week, so I've started waiting until the season is over and watching the DVDs. Really miss my DirecTiVo.

Huzzah Chloe!

And Jack. Allllllllways Jack.

I have yet to see 24, mainly because I hate getting sucked into a TV show that you "have to" watch to stay with it.

Watching Idol (thanks to you, Michele--gah!), and The Sopranos (last season, waahh). And, sad to say, Big Love, even though it makes my skin crawl. Nothing else, except for news as background noise.

24, BSG, Sopranos - oh, and baseball.

Any of you into it?


What's your theories?

All the theories I had were scuttled at the end of last week's episode.

Are you as fascinated with Chloe as I am?

Now that's a provocative question...errrr, I like her.

What are you guys watching these days?

24, Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig (Viva Netflix!), hockey, some baseball.

Listening to?

An absurd amount of Disturbed lately, with bits of Soilwork, Riverside, and Stream of Passion thrown in.

Scrubs and Family Guy but they are so shabbily treated by Australian TV that they must obtained by other means....

24 has been my fav since hour 1 of season 1. Never fails to please, even when they stretch plausibility to the screaming point.

Where was Curtis in the last hour? How is it that Chloe never seems to actually need the restroom? What did Jack whisper in Nina's ear in Season 2 that made look as if she had the fear of God in her?

These are the sort of things that keep me awake on my commute....

Oh yeah, as far as listening:

Jack Johnson, especially while driving.

I find I'm much less prone to road rage in my 10 minute commute, especially when I was listening to the deftones, slipnot, korn, disturbed, etc.

Does that mean I'm getting old?

Hey, welcome back!

Chloe is the glue that holds it all together; without her, the world would be an even bigger mess than it already is . . .

Funny blog :-)

In response to Sean's question above: yeah, I'd hit that.