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So, yea.

Don't know exactly what I'm going to do with this or how often I'm going to do it, but I guess I'm open for business again.

I was testing the waters the last two days and I realized I miss writing and I miss all of you.

Well, most of you.


Welcome back, Michele. It's good to have my favorite blogger back in this place.

I hope you do this for all the Right reasons.

Hey, we'll take whatever we can get. Good to see you again.

(zoidberg) yay! (/zoidberg)

I'm thrilled to death you have decided to put something up.

i miss you, too.
well, MOST of the time :)

As one who has had to re-prioritize EVERYTHING a time or two, let me say I am glad you are deciding to come back. I know I missed you and your posts. There needs to be some official way of welcoming someone back to their own blog.

welcome back!!

Welcome back :)

Oh come on, you know you missed ME.

Welcome back. Ah, all is right with the world.

Welcome back. Ah, all is right with the world.


I hope you enjoy your return. I know I will (yours has been one of my favorite blogs).

Best Wishes!

Welcome back. Sorry it's been a rough time for you.

But you are a terrific writer, especially as a blogger, and it's nice to see your writing come back. Best.

Good to have you back again Michele--ASV was always one of my favorite blogs.

OORRAAHH!! Been doing recon passes from time to time, glad to see your back in the trenches. "Illegitmati Non Carborundum". We been going throught the heartbreak of changing servers and wrapping up a project that had begun to consume my life, hoping to get back a more normal level of low-grade panic and behind schedule-ness. Hope you can do the same. Later on.

I don't really know what inspired me to click on your link tonight. I guess I expected to surf back into the archives to find something I missed the first time round.

What a wonderful surprise to see something new.

yay. just yay.

Funny, that all these people kep you bookmarked or amongst their list of RSS feeds. Welcome back. What's new?

Just on a lark I figured I'd revist... plus I was curious about any comments about the Yankee stadium deal. Welcome back.

there's something to be said for stubborness ... I refused to give up hope that you would be back.

if there is still any doubt in your mind, just read, and reread, our comments. yeah, we missed you too, somethin' fierce.

You know, I never took you off of my rss feeds list. Wishful thinking (and it paid off!). :) Welcome back.

Hey Michele ... As always, I look forward to whatever you post. :)

Huzzah! Welcome back. And I'll try to check in more often, as if you care...

What skits said. Yay!

Oh Fraptious Day! Welcome back!


Why oh why didn't I put money down on you not being able to kick the habit this time? ;-) Welcome back! Shockedthehellouttame when I saw you updated on my blogroll again!

1000 welcomes

kept you on my blogroll and have checked in from time to time.

look forward to making this a regular morning stop


1000 hugs, too

welcome back, matey. since ye've been gone, i've turned into a smelly old fisherman. yarr!

Yay! Selfishly speaking, I've missed your voice.

Wow, I check your site now and then and was kind of sad you stopped posting. You're an inspiring voice of pragmatism! Weloome back :)

Holy crap ! Cool !

This is news of the most awesome kind. Welcome back.

Good news, indeed! Welcome back!

It's about time. (And welcome back!)

I am so happy to see you posting again Michele.....You rock!

Hey Michele!

Greetings from Israel. I, too, have missed you and felt a large gap in the blogosphere, and also felt regret for you that you bailed just when there was a bit (I said a BIT) of money to be made in the blogging business for someone with the readership you had.

I've kept up with you by religiously lurking on Idol Tongues during every season of Idol. We get the show in a one-day delay in the Middle East so often I read the commentary while watching the show. I have to resist not peeking to see who gets kicked off before airtime here, though.

Every now and then I click over here to see if there are any random posts. Good to see you are back! I'm looking forward to the music stuff :)