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is this thing on?

Continuing on with the annotations of the 512 songs.

Song #21 of 512.

Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees

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Yeah, that's a good song for being depressed to. I have a few that are like that for me. I don't think I've had enough truly bad things in my life associated with certain songs. Counting Crows' Anna Begins reminds me that I once wasted a whole two years of my life loving someone who didn't love me. So no, I don't bawl at that, but it never fails to make wince with regret.

Oddly enough, that song is central to my half-finished novel ... main character keeps hearing it at odd times and it makes her realize how worthless her plastic life has been, how being someone else for someone else is a losing proposition, how running away doesn't make it go away.


The song makes me sob, too. Just did it again. I think it's the blatant honest emotion from Thom ... or I'm a balloon of blubbering just a pinprick away from exploding. Same dif.