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How's it going?



Ah, ya know. How about you?

Same shit, different day.


It's going, you know?

It's definitely not same shit, different day though.

Things are way different.

That's why we miss your blog: we want to know what's different.

Different how? Dish.

Good thing I kept this site on Bloglines, eh? ;p

My dog is dead. My horse ran away. My woman is in love with my best friend. And my guitar just broke a string.

No. Wait. That's not me. That's the country music song that I just heard on the radio.

Never mind.

It's going... and you?

Just sittin' around waiting for that big gap in the blogosphere to be filled. Miss ya.

Going, going, that ball is out of here, goodbye! Home Run!

Shit is definately different, so how are things with you?

I second Solonar! I thought Bloglines burped when I saw an unread for your blog!

Third for Solonar-

I'm going. Miss ya tho- coming back anytime in the not-so-distant future?

It's all gravy on this train. How you doin'?

eh. Not so bad. You?

America has voted - ASmallVictory needs to come back ;-)

Just waited for the tornadoes here in the midwest.



I'm still working a shitty job I hate. Getting my degree hasn't helped. So I'm going to grad school it looks like.

It otherwise just goes.

Eh, I'd complain but who would listen?

Miss ya. Just not the same without ya.

As well as can be expected, all things considered...

Two words: Biz. Ay.

I clicked on a link that I hadn't for a while, just to see if things might have changed, and a voice I always found interesting, but didn't expect to hear, might be back.

I hope to hear more.

it goes. It was nice seeing an update over here.