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another year older and what do you get?

16, kinda sweet

You get a sweet sixteen party that is driving all four of your parents crazy, that's what you get.

Yep, she's 16 today. Most of you have "known" her since she's 11. Hope you feel as old as I do now.


Happy Sweet 16, Nat! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

As Pooh said Eeyore:

Many happy returns of the day!

Happy Birthday, Nat and congratulations to you, Michelle, for raising such a lovely young lady -- you must be very proud.

Congrats to Nat. Congrats to you too, Michele.

Brace for driving lessons and license - RAMMING SPEED!

oo, er, no, not that. anything but that.

You want old? I've got friends that have kids at college and at USNA!... and yet I got a son that turned 7 yesterday... probably won't live to see him become mature (takes a lot longer with guys as you know) than with Nat...

I just decided to check here after months away and I find a "semi-rant" about feeling old. Lady, I hear you !!!
As a fellow parent, I congratulate YOU on this milestone.

My little one just turned 3 on Feb 14 (just to spite he was born then as I despise valentines day). He knows the word "presents" really really well now. His new bike and helmet cost more than mine :)

Nat, Happy Birthday. Before dismissing your mother as an old bat, a small word of advice for a guy on the other side of the world who is slightly more than double your age: I wish I was your age again knowing what I know now. If you can listen to your lunatic of a mother (because when you are 16, you parents are as mad as a bag of cut snakes, right ?) and take out the useful good bits, you will rule the world. You will find that she knows more than you think :)

So c'mon...what'd you get her?

A $4,000 party.


actually, after seeing some of the blowouts the locals throw out here on SI (on one of the public access channels! Someone's gonna have to explain THAT concept to me), that's kinda par for the course these days, I guess.

Actually, that's nothing. Bare bones party, at a firehouse catering hall, no limos or live band or anything that some of her friends got. Her father is splitting the cost with me so it's not that bad.

She's a good kid. She deserves it.

You have a beautiful daughter. Enjoy her while you can. Pretty soon she will be off to college doing who knows what!

no limos or live band...
When did you get Irish?