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ASV HoF: another new category
get your psychedlic grooviness on

Reminder that we still have cowbell nominations and other voting going on here.

In order to move this along at a better pace, I'm going to open up another category at the same time as cowbell. This one is going to be the first in an ongoing series of decade-related categories.


Do some Googling (or use allmusic.com) if you're not sure when an album was released. Don't make me chastise you in front of everyone! Here's a list of 200 to get you started.


Led Zeppelin: s/t

Second Zeppelin's debut album.
Toss in Axis Bold as Love by Jimi & the boys

A second for Jimi - Axis Bold As Love.
Add The Beatles double White Album (its a bit difficult trying to choose 1 Beatles album)

I know you're not a big Beatles fan, Michele - but I'm gonna go with Rubber Soul.

Abbey Road

Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze, Manic Depression, Hey Joe, The Wind Cries Mary, Fire, Third Stone From The Sun, Foxey Lady....

Axis was great, but Are You Experienced was a debut album that practically comes off as a greatest hits these days.

Top five from the '60s:

1. Are You Experienced? - Hendrix
2. Abbey road - Beatles
3. Sgt. Pepper's - Beatles
4. Revolver - Beatles
5. Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan


Let it Bleed - Rolling Stones
The Who Sell Out

That should read, "...comes off as a greatest hits collection these days."

I still dig "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys.

Beggars Banquet - Rolling Stones
Village Green Preservation Society - The Kinks

Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix)
Disraeli Gears (Cream)
Let it Bleed (Rolling Stones)

Some of the best "60's" albums ever were produced in 1970. Damn.

I figure you mean best Rock album of the 60s, so my favorites may not qualify:

"The Band"
BB King "Live at the Regal"
Beatles "Revolver"
Beach Boys "Wild Honey"

Hmmmm, I'm stuck on B. And prefer a dozen records released in 1970 over most of these.

Wheels of Fire- Cream (1968)

The Band

As odd as it sounds to me, I find most of the struff from the 60s just haven't held up. I'm tired of The Beatles, weary of The Stones, bored by Dylan and Hendrix just doesn't have the magic it used to.

Beatles, "Rubber Soul".

OK, gotta go with Rubber Soul, too. After all, my fiance was named after one of the songs. No, it's not Norwegian Wood.

Velvet Underground - "Loaded"

Abbey Road, Beggars Banquet, Tommy, Revolver

The Band - The Band (Hands down favorite)

The Kinks - Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)
Tommy - The Who
The Ventures - The Colorful Ventures
Buddy Holly - Reminiscing

Definitely gotta go with The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A complete masterpiece, end to end.

Sgt Pepper - Still a bloody brilliant album.


Monkees - More of the Monkees


go ahead, be dismissive, but the other selections are the equivalent of "R,S,T,L,N,E" on Wheel of Fortune.

"In the Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson.
They're still around, still good, and still influential.

The Beatles - "Revolver". Personally I think it's their best album - there are many better songs elsewhere, but it's the complete package.

Gotta go with Revolver.

The five that get played most at my house:

Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart
Strange Days - Doors
Anthem of the Sun - Dead
Freak Out! - Mothers of Invention
Pet Sounds - Beach Boys

Rubber Soul

Revolver (The Beatles)
Let It Bleed (The Rolling Stones)
Are you Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Highway 61 (Bob Dylan)
Led Zeppelin II (Led Zeppelin)

The Doors

Led Zep II !!!!

I would have nominated Led Zeppelin II, but I thought it was released in the early 70's. I was wrong, it squeaked in under the wire in 10/69. That was my first, and favorite, Zep album of all time. It deserves a nomination, I think,.

Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix

Beatles - Sgt Pepper
Beatles - Revolver
Stones - Let it Bleed

Thats just a start.

Have to agree on Jimi Hendrix's Are you Experienced?, while also picking Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde(with Al Kooper and the musicians that became The Band) and Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow(back when Grace Slick was a babe and not some idiots mother)

Memories: Sing-Along with Mitch Miller

We really gotta figure out something to do with Treacher. There's like a home or something, right?

I know what I'd want to do with Treacher.

But that's a whole other story.

Turtles: Happy Together. (1967, I think)

Some geat pop. Fun, playful, Musical and in Bones Howe, a super production effort. A great total package. They were a slighly more musical Bare Naked Ladies of their day, and IMO, this was their best. It's not the most artistic, but it's.... It's just fun to listen to.

Another one for Hendrix's Are You Experienced. And for a great album that hasn't been mentioned, how about the Yardbirds' Over Under Sideways Down?