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ASV HoF: Video Winner and Category stuff

Wow, this one was CLOSE.

Full results here.

I'll have the poll for the latest category up soon (you've got about two hours to get your nominations in). I'm going to try to get through these faster and not let them linger as many days because I have a lot of categories to get through.

Coming up:

Best live album
Best debut album
Best "supergroup"
Best albums of the 60's/70's/80's/90's
Best Weird Al cover
Best song sung by a chick
Best use of cowbell in a song

That's just a few suggestions from y'all that I have deemed ready for prime time. Which of those would you like to see up next?


Best use of cowbell!!!

Mountain would win this one. No one else has Leslie West and cowbell.

(Don't fear ) the Reaper
We're an American Band
Another category I would like to see people's opinion on is Best B3 solo.

Another category that I would like to see;

Best Song You are Embarrased to Like

Darn, I missed this one. The best video is "Just" by Radiohead. Go back and fix the winner please. :P

Here's an idea for a category, best combination of bands or performers that should tour together based solely on their names.

For example:

Madonna and Supertramp
REM, ELO, U2 and UB40
Styx and the Stones
Mister Mister and Duran Duran

You got to be freaking kidding me . A Beastiies video over Aha's breakthought video? They was robbed!