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i love the 80's

Ratt and Roll


DJ looking wistful about the 80's, a decade that began 13 years before he was born. How stuck in the 80's is he? Just look at his shirt. A moment before this (captures on film that I haven't yet uploaded) he was singing Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. Like he meant it.

He's also wearing the 3D glasses needed to view tonight's opening episode of VH1's I Love the 80's: 3D. Yes, we have been anxiously anticipiating.

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Saw Best Buy was sold out of them. Should be fun though :)

Wow, it looks like you're stocked up with munchies!

Of course, the most obvious caption is "Way Cool Jr."

he better belive it - no one sings the Bon and pretends...
Have you introduced him to the wonders of "I'll be there for you" yet?

Have you introduced him to the wonders of "I'll be there for you" yet?

Not if Aunt Lisa has anything to do with it...

Hey now. You introduced him to Ratt, Crue, Dokken and Zak Wylde. Let him have his Bon Jovi.

Any Bon Jovi after "Slippery When Wet" bites. So I am with Aunt Lisa on the no "I'll Be There For You"

He only sings Livin' on a Prayer, anyhow.

Just what are those munchies?

That's a huge box of Rice Krispie treats that we found at the bottom of a pile of clothes in a closet yesterday.

The box behind it is a case of Jones bubblegum soda that a neighbor pawned off on me and no one wants.

where was that picture taken? did you grab it from out of the cellar? either way, i think it's an invasion of his privacy.

sorry, couldn't resist.